Marble Vs Travertine Floor – What is The Difference

Choosing flooring for your house is the most difficult and confusing decision that you have to take. As there is plenty of flooring options, selecting any one is really daunting. Arizona flooring experts will not only suggest you with the best flooring but also take care of its installation.

If you are planning to replace or install flooring in your house, you’ll probably consider the stone flooring options that is the marble or the travertine. Both of these flooring options are quite heavy and are difficult to lift. Whether it is marble flooring Arizona installation or travertine flooring installation, it is a complicated process so you need to hire professionals for it. Even marble flooring Arizona requires an initial seal to prevent scratching and staining. But whichever option you choose, both of these will make your house look beautiful and elegant. 

Although both can make excellent additions to your home, there are variations in marble flooring Arizona and travertine flooring Arizona that are important to consider. The differences are as follows: 

  1. Color

Marble flooring Arizona sometimes comes in single or solid color. More often it is in white color with black or grey veins.Travertine colors are typically white, cream beige, gold, brown and red. 

  1. Texture

Travertine flooring is often porous giving it a more natural and textured look. Travertine flooring installation can be done in variety of finishes such as polished, honed, brushed, saw cut and tumbled.Marble texture is smooth and is manufactured with either glossy polish or satiny honed finish.marble-vs-travertine

  1. Versatility

One of the major differences is versatility. Travertine flooring is a multipurpose stone and can be used almost everywhere. Marble flooring is best for indoor areas as it is slippery. Travertine flooring is preferred for wet areas such as pools as it absorbs water quickly. 

  1. Price

Marble flooring Arizona appears to look beautiful as compared to others, but if budget is a constraint you should opt for travertine. Marble is an expensive stone and is almost double the price of travertine flooring. Marble flooring installation is more time and money consuming than travertine flooring installation. 

  1. Usage

As marble tiles appear to be smooth and clean, it can be utilized on bathroom walls and countertops. Travertine’s texture is honed and hard, it can be used on kitchen walls, ceilings and for bathroom flooring as well. 

Travertine and marble bring congruence from nature to your home. Arizona flooring experts have brought classical choices and décor options with marble and travertine tiles. Arizona flooring experts have also given many ways and places where you can incorporate the marble and travertine flooring that will suit best to your needs and budget. Even, marble flooring installation and travertine flooring installation for stairs, indoors and outdoor areas, bathrooms and other places has been made easy and creative with Arizona flooring experts.

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