Must-Have Flooring Design Trend Options for the Best Home Remodel

If you’re tired of the same drab carpeting and tiles, it might be time for a remodel – with a twist. Instead of standard linoleum or vinyl, try large format tiles for a clean look in a den or sitting area. Instead of traditional hardwood floors, how about reclaimed wood for a rustic kitchen design and then add stainless steel appliances. Other options include cork in various colors or luxury vinyl for a high-end finish that’s easy to clean.

Eye-catching linoleum flooring

Here are a few other trending ideas to help with your remodel plans and a few tips from the experts.

Large Format Tiles

When you decorate with tiles, a common problem that can occur is you get tired of seeing the same look. One way to change it is to incorporate large format tiles to mix up the look and it can make a room look larger.

Here are a few examples of how HGTV transformed kitchens with tiles.

Tips on helping you order tile flooring:

  • Consider the color scheme you would like.
  • Think about the budget you want to set for your flooring.
  • Because tiles are very versatile, look at different types of tiles that might include large format, matte or glazed porcelain, polished, textured, stone finish, and other styles.
  • Don’t forget to ask about floor accents with tile.

When you’re ready to shop for tile flooring, use the link to reach a flooring specialist and ask about discounts on new floor installation that can take up to 73 percent off your order for in-stock flooring. There are plenty of options and discounts to help you find the perfect look at the perfect price.

Reclaimed Wood

A new take on an old style is to use reclaimed wood for your hardwood flooring. Reclaimed wood uses what might be reclaimed barn wood, reclaimed oak, timber, beam stock, building beams, or reclaimed planks. It can update a drab look and increase your home’s resale value.

Best pet-friendly reclaimed wood flooring

Tips on helping you order reclaimed wood flooring:

  • Whether you choose color or go with reclaimed wood in a warmer color as shown in these Houzz images, you’ll find that the look can be rustic and yet modern.
  • Try this type of wood flooring in your kitchen for a rustic look, but then add all new stainless steel appliances.
  • Use reclaimed wood in your living room with a luxury sofa for a rustic chic look or with your sectional for a modern and functional space as shown in these HGTV images.

When you’re ready to order reclaimed wood and view sample hardwood flooring, use the link to reach a flooring store specialist and about the latest new flooring sale or end-of-season sale – and don’t forget to ask for free installation. Your local flooring store can help with reclaimed wood options like close-grained oak and provide you with their best flooring sale and installation price.

Cork Flooring

If you haven’t heard about cork flooring, one of the reasons it’s very popular is it has a fun look to it and it comes in various colors. Aside from that, this environmentally-friendly alternative is comfortable to walk on and it’s resilient. It’s actually an older flooring option that’s making a big comeback.

Tips on helping you order cork flooring:

  • Consider the room size and ensure it doesn’t have direct sun exposure as this type of flooring is vulnerable to fading and moisture damage states Gabriel with That Finishing Touch for HGTV.
  • Explore different types of cork flooring. It comes in an array of colors.
  • If you’re musically inclined, cork offers acoustic insulation.

Latest Cork Flooring

When you’re ready to order cork flooring, you can do a search online for “Arizona carpet stores near me that sell cork flooring” or “Arizona flooring stores near me with cork flooring” or use our link below.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

When you hear about vinyl flooring, you likely think of old vinyl tiles, laminate flooring or linoleum flooring from your grandparent’s home. Vinyl flooring designs have come a long way.

Tips on helping you order luxury vinyl flooring:

  • Vinyl plank flooring comes in several variations if you would like a finish that resembles natural hardwood floors. It provides a clean finish, is cost-efficient, and one of the most popular flooring styles.
  • Vinyl tiles are another option. They can resemble natural stone like slate or marble. Because the intricacies of stone are included in the designs, you can see the natural clefting and color patterns that run through marble and stone (without the added costs!).
  • Vinyl sheet flooring is another option and can be used in rooms that get a lot of moisture like in the kitchen or bathroom.

Luxury vinyl flooring

When you’re ready to order luxury vinyl flooring, use the link to contact a flooring salesperson who can provide the price for flooring and installation. Review samples to help you narrow down your favorite color schemes and designs. You can also shop by manufacturers like Armstrong, Congoleum, Tarkett, Dupont, or another manufacturer.


As you can tell, there are a lot of new flooring design trends to help you find the perfect look for your remodel. You might have a hard time choosing the right one!

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