New Carpet Trends For 2018 [Designs & Colors]

The beauty of today’s home lies in both, that is in soft touch carpeting and hard tough flooring. As the hard flooring gives your home a clean and modern finish but the warmth and beauty comes only when your floor is carpeted. The look of beautifully designed carpet along with your furnishing will make your house look more attractive. Even, your house will perform well for years if you opt for a quality product and at the same time maintain it properly.

If you have to decide on various carpet flooring trends going on, you might have to think about the styles, color and textures taking into consideration the area of your house, your budget and color of your furnishings. 

The latest trends for carpet flooring are as follows: – 

  • Neutral Colors

Greys and Taupes are the most popular neutral colors that suits to other elements in the room such as paint on walls, color of bed sheet, furniture etc. The best part of these neutral colors of carpets is that they stand out and matches to every single thing in your house. Muted blues and earthy greens are also becoming popular when to decide upon the color of carpet as blues look soothing and greens signify renewal and growth. 

  • Patterned and Textured Carpets

It has been popular to have patterned and textured carpets as they reduces the vacuum marks and also decreases appearance of dirt. Depending upon the tastes of different people, there are many varietyin this section such as textured loops carpets, ribbed carpets, two-toned carpets and carpets of geometrical pattern as well. By adopting different styles, you will love your house as this makes your house look more sophisticated and attractive. 

  • Carpet Runners

While hardwood flooring is preferred by all but having carpet runners in most common areas of the house will not only help in reduction of the noise but are safe too. This will enhance the beauty of your house and make it more classy. Carpet runners come in many styles and patterns that make the flooring look elusive and stylish. 

  • Environmentally friendly carpets

It feels always better when the material used in the carpets are eco-friendly. Whether it is wool, nylon or any other recyclable material, it is preferred to use natural fibers, as they are more sustainable and durable. It is better for those who have young children that spend most of their time on floors and are also sensitive to various allergies. 

  • Fluffy and vintage carpets

These flooring is different from wall to wall flooring as they are used on rugs area that need to be focused.It looks great when contrasted with many colors and textures that match to your wooden or other flooring. 

  • Soft carpets

As the technology is getting more advanced day by day, the demand for more soft carpets is also rising. These soft carpets add to the luxury of your house and give you more comfort as well.

Carpet flooring installation is important for home, gyms, theatres and offices as carpets give more warmth, comfort and a better soundproof system. These different carpet-flooring types enable you to understand your requirements and at the same time help you to design it appropriately.

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