New Flooring 101: Saving Money by Bundling Flooring and Installation

If you’re shopping for new flooring, one of the best ways to save money is to use a retailer that not only offers a large selection of quality flooring, but also provides expert installation services in a bundle package. By bundling your flooring and installation, you can ensure that everything will be taken care of seamlessly by the same company, and you won’t have to worry about hidden charges.

In addition, using a one-stop-shop flooring retailer not only saves time and money — it also makes the whole process amazingly simple. With most bundling offers, all you need to do is choose your flooring, and the store will take care of everything else, from delivery to installation, at a set price that typically gives you a discount for using both services. Here’s an overview of how this works.

The Benefits of a One-Stop Flooring Store

Whether you’re looking for laminate flooring, stone tile flooring, carpet flooring or hardware flooring, a good one-stop shop retailer will have all of these in stock, with plenty of styles to choose from. A dependable flooring store will also have a good selection of discount flooring at affordable prices, either through regular sales events or inventory clearances.

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In addition, if you’re fortunate enough to choose a retailer that offers design consultation services, then you can also get the help you need to choose something that not only suits your color scheme, but also your lifestyle. If you have an active family, you might want to consider heavy-duty laminate flooring in the latest patterns, or easy-care vinyl flooring for the kitchen and bathroom. Likewise, if you’re looking for exotic hardwoods or luxury carpet flooring, an in-house designer can help you match the flooring to your décor.

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As an example of a store with these services, Express Flooring not only offers a huge inventory of virtually every type of residential flooring; it also provides a staff of expert interior designers who can advise you about the latest colors and patterns, as well as the best options in styles and materials for your home and lifestyle.

Bundling: Getting the Best Price for Flooring and Installation

One of the best advantages of using a one-stop flooring store is that they’ll typically offer you a flooring sale and installation deal with a great discount for bundling both services. With bundling, you’ll get one single flooring sale and installation quote that covers everything, from the cost of the flooring to complete in-home installation services. By getting a single flooring sale and installation quote, you’ll not only save money; you’ll also avoid any subsequent sticker shock. There won’t be any extra, unexpected charges tacked on without your knowing about it. The costs will be completely upfront, and you’ll know exactly how much you’re going to pay.

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Likewise, bundling services mean that you won’t have to hire an expensive independent contractor to do your flooring installation. Typically, these contractors can sometimes take weeks to schedule; and independent contractor services often include a lot of extra, unexpected fees.

By going to a one-stop flooring store and getting a bundling deal, you’ll be getting everything from the same company — which means that you’ll be able to communicate exactly what you want to the same people who sold you the flooring. It not only makes everything simpler; it also makes communication much clearer.

Express Flooring: The Best One-Stop Shop for Flooring

If you live in Arizona and you’re in the market for new flooring, you’ll want to call Express Flooring. With more than one million feet of in-stock flooring, Express Flooring offers one of the widest selections of the best residential flooring on the market. Whether you want vinyl or laminate flooring, designer tiles, luxurious natural stone flooring, exotic hardwood flooring or deluxe wall-to-wall carpeting, you’ll find more selections that you can imagine, all in one location. Best of all, as one of our trademark services, you’ll get a huge variety of flooring/installation bundling packages to suit your wallet.

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In addition, you can call Express Flooring to get a free, in-home flooring sale and installation estimate to help you find the best flooring at a price you can afford. Plus, during your initial in-home visit, you’ll also get free designer consultation services, so you can get the help you need in choosing the right flooring for your design scheme, lifestyle and budget.

Another big advantage of using Express Flooring is that you’ll get next-day installation, so you won’t have to wait for days or even weeks to get your flooring installed. While many stores offer expedited services, very few offer next-day installation; but Express Flooring can do this because they have a large staff of dedicated, experienced full-time employees, including interior designers and installation experts.

In addition, Express Flooring offers:

  • Special financing services
  • Regular sales with deep discount prices (and/or free installation)
  • Discounts to seniors, government employees, teachers and public service employees

If you’re ready to enjoy the beauty of brand new flooring in your home, be sure to visit to schedule your free, in-home estimate. With no-hassle bundling, free estimates and a wide variety of flooring to choose from, you’ll find that shopping for new flooring is a breeze — and almost as much fun as coming home next day to find a brand new designer floor installed in your kitchen, bedroom or living room.

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