New Flooring A-Z: Your Helpful Guide for Residential Flooring Installation

Whether it’s a new or existing home that you would like to remodel, updating your flooring can brighten a room, give it depth, compliment new or existing colors, and increase your home’s value. Use this helpful guide to understand how to select flooring, measure your rooms, schedule a free consultation, and the timeframes and pricing for flooring projects and installations.

Proper flooring installation

How to Select Flooring

When you select your flooring, it can vary depending on usage and the climate you live in:

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring includes ash, cherry, dark, gray, distressed wood, plank, hickory, mahogany, maple, walnut, oak, reclaimed, red oak, and white oak. Finishes come in plainsawn, quartersawn, engineered wood, solid with a plain finish, or custom.

Pet-friendly hardwood flooring


Carpet flooring can vary depending on the pile (density of carpet fibers) or type. Carpet can be wool, nylon, polyester, acrylic, olefin, or a blend. Homeowners with children and/or pets may select stain-resistant carpeting, while there are special carpets for allergy sufferers or seniors who require better traction underfoot.

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is versatile. Used in kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, and other rooms, types include ceramic, stone, vinyl, linoleum, porcelain, and cork. It’s often used in warmer climates as opposed to carpeting which can accrue mildew and mold.

Flooring by Room Type

Depending on the room you’re remodeling, there are different flooring types that work better than others.

Living Room Flooring

Your living space is for relaxing, entertaining, and enjoyment. Because it’s a well-loved space, flooring should be durable and look beautiful for years to come.

Homeowners tend to go with wood or carpeting, while tile is also an option. Hardwood flooring is ideal and can increase your home’s value. Other options include engineered wood which is easy to install and maintain, as is vinyl flooring and laminate flooring which are often used in homes with lots of kids, pets and foot traffic.

Best wood flooring for the living room


Your bedroom is where you unwind, relax, and have your downtime. A soothing décor can be calming and welcoming to forget the stress of the day.

Kids friendly carpet flooring for bedroom

Berber carpeting or hardwood floors with area or shag rugs are popular choices. Engineered tile is also popular as it resembles natural stone. Vinyl tile resembles natural wood and is less costly.


Your bathroom can be a tranquil oasis to relax in or a place for personal hygiene activities. Depending on your family’s needs, there are various flooring options available.

Bathroom tile flooring installation

Engineered tile and vinyl flooring can resemble stone or wood and are preferred. They are durable, stain resistant, and able to handle high traffic. Homeowners may also select natural marble, hardwood, or slate for upscale contemporary designs.


Kitchens are where meals and memories are made. Because there is a lot of food prep and foot traffic, tiles or hardwood make the ideal flooring.

Hardwood floors are easy to clean and wipe down. Vinyl tiles, vinyl sheets, or hardwood can offer superior stain resistance, while laminate and engineered tiling are durable. For water-resistant flooring, vinyl tiles are recommended as the planks will not swell if there’s a spill.

If style is preferred over functionality, ask your flooring store about tile in stone, porcelain or ceramic. While colder underfoot, the natural look is appealing and holds up well in warmer climates.

How to Measure Your Rooms

There are different ways to measure for carpeting or tile. When you do a search online for “carpet stores near me” or “flooring stores near me”, a flooring specialist can measure your rooms when you request a free in-home estimate. Ask about a flooring sale and installation price quote and any offers or discounts. A flooring specialist will come to your home, make a visual inspection, and measure your rooms.

Measuring for Tiles

Tiles come in 4″, 6″, 9″, 12″, or 18″ squares. A flooring specialist can determine your room’s square footage (length x width) for the total square footage. An alternative is to measure your room and take the dimensions to a floorng store or request a free in-home estimate.

Measuring for Carpet

To measure for carpet, you need the room length x width for the total square footage. After getting the square footage, add the total. That’s the entire square footage of carpet needed.

For example:

  • Kitchen: 14 x 10 = 140
  • Bedroom: 16 x 12 = 192
  • Living room: 29 x 12 = 348
  • Total = 680-square-feet

When you call the floor store for the latest flooring sale and installation deal, add 5% to your square footage in case you miscalculated and need a little extra carpet.

For example:

  • 680-square-feet
  • x .05 (for 5%)
  • =34
  • 680-square-feet
  • +34
  • 714-square-feet what you will order

Unsure about your measurements? Contact a flooring specialist at (888) 512-9037 and ask for a free in-home estimate and flooring sale and installation quote.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Scheduling a free consultation is convenient. You can get a flooring sale and installation estimate and take advantage of discounts for seniors or vets, or an end-of-season sale or discontinued carpet or tile sale that will save even more money.

Flooring Installation Time Frames

Carpeting can be installed the same day and only takes a few hours. When a flooring specialist comes out, they can move your furniture into another room.

Tiles can take longer. The floor has to be prepped first, tiles have to be set in place, there’s drying time, which might be a minimum of 12-hours while Home Advisor states 24-hours is preferred.

For tile accent projects like in the kitchen or bathroom, times can vary depending on the size of the room and the intricacy of the work. Smaller tiles will also take longer to install.

Flooring Pricing

Improve Net suggests homeowners typically spend an average of:

  • $4,113 wood flooring
  • $2,486 laminate flooring
  • $2,299 general flooring costs
  • $1,986 porcelain or ceramic tiles
  • $1,628 carpeting
  • $1,545 linoleum floors
  • $1,511 refinished wood


Installing new flooring can be exciting. There are so many color schemes to consider to brighten a room, update a dated look, and increase the home’s value. Research the various looks that you want and talk to a floor specialist.

Your flooring is an investment that will add value to your home for years to come.

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