One of the Best Types of Flooring is Luxury Vinyl Tile

Vinyl flooring has been a popular choice of flooring in American home for decades. The trends in vinyl flooring have changed the years and it has been made available in various formats. Vinyl flooring, that was once prone to scratches and cracks have now become more durable and wear-resistant over the years. This is because of the latest advancing in the flooring technology.

One of the biggest reasons to choose vinyl flooring over any other type of flooring is that it is resistant to dirt and water. Apart from that, it is very easy to maintain and is also moisture resistant. Also, vinyl flooring comes in a huge assortment of colours and styles. A vinyl ‘wooden’ plank is one of the most famous types of vinyl flooring option. There are two types of vinyl flooring that one may come across.

Luxury Vinyl FlooringPrinted Vinyl is basically a pattern that has been top coated on a thin vinyl flooring sheet. It is then made scratch resistant and durable by applying several layers of clear vinyl or urethane. This is much more affordable type of vinyl sheet but also less durable.

Inlaid Vinyl, on the other hand, is a textured vinyl surface that is achieved through placing tiny vinyl granules on the sheet and forcing them up to the wear surface. It comes in a lot of different colours and texture patterns and is also more durable because of its thickness.

For residential use, the customer can choose from various options of vinyl flooring such as sheet vinyl, solid vinyl tile and luxury vinyl tile. Sheet Vinyl is a thin sheet of vinyl flooring that is rolled flat and cut according to the shape of the floor. It’s extremely thin and not at all durable. It is glued to the floor or sometimes even installed using double-sided tape. Solid Vinyl Tile is vinyl flooring in tile format. It is comparatively more durable and resistant. These tiles are installed over old flooring but not tiles since tiles have more edges and that may cause them to loose sooner than with vinyl sheet.

Luxury Vinyl Tile is the latest high-end vinyl flooring that is much more cost affordable. According to world floor covering association, using advanced 3D imaging technology, a photograph of the natural material is transferred directly to the tile. Each tile is then uniquely embossed to match the appropriate texture. The final product, which is approximately 1/8 inch thick, is made of several layers, including a protective wear layer (mil layer) and often a urethane layer for added durability. Luxury vinyl tile has the ability to replicate the look of real hardwoods and stone perfectly. It is also sustainable in nature and fulfills green building standards. Although, it is high-end vinyl flooring, the maintenance it demands is just the same as any other type of vinyl flooring. A simple damp mopping is sufficient to remove all the stains from the floor. And you don’t even have to worry about leaving water on the floor because it is absolutely water resistant.

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