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Terracotta Tile Care and Maintenance Tips

terracotta tile care and maintenance flooring

Terracotta Tiles– are made from clay and “Terracotta” exactly means “cooked earth”. Terracotta has been used in floors and walls for centuries. As it is a natural material, these tiles would require certain level of care. Terracotta tiles vary in color, texture and appearance also available in various shapes and sizes. Here you can look […]

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Pros and Cons of Berber Carpeting

berber carpet flooring

History: A Berber carpet is a light coloured carpet floor that has dark coloured flecks (usually brown or grey). The Berber carpets were woven by theBerber tribe of North America and hence have been named after them. The Berber carpets are basically looped style carpets. Over the years, these carpets started becoming really famous and hence […]

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Porcelain Tile: Top 10 Benefits of Porcelain Tile [A Complete Guide]

porcelain tile flooring

Many households prefer porcelain tiles for their home’s flooring and walls for various reasons. First, porcelain tile floors are denser, impermeable to moisture and are a more durable option that provide excellent stain and water resistant properties compared to ceramic tiles. Furthermore, these tiles are ideal for cozy indoor-heating that will help keep your feet […]

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Most Popular Flooring Manufacturers (Brands) [Need to Know]

different types of flooring

Where you live can play an important role in what flooring products and manufacturers you choose. At Express Flooring, we want to make sure that all of our customers have the information they need to make their floors look amazing. Chapter-01 How to Select the Best Flooring Manufacturers in Your Location Choosing the best flooring […]

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