Pennies, Corks, Faux Astroturf: Must See Custom Floor Creations

Whether it’s old bottle caps or used leather belts, pennies, corks, or faux astroturf, having a custom floor installation can showcase your unique personality – or show off your favorite album covers.

Check out these unique floor designs that will just floor you!

Flag on the Play!

With flooring designs, the sky’s the limit. Because you can have any kind of floor design you can imagine, it’s no surprise that this football astroturf rug or this decked out, total sports package astroturf basement has been trending online.

While these make great floor coverings game day, there are other options to achieve a similar look – and they’ll be easier to clean up of someone spills a beer.

Astroturf rug flooring

  • Consider green or brown vinyl flooring or linoleum and outline the field markers in white. It will be easier to clean as you can just use a damp mop for any messy spills (which never happen during a football game).
  • Think about dark brown wood flooring and then decorate the walls with football gear. A reason to go for the dark brown wood flooring is that it can let you use other color schemes with your room – unless the basement is designated as a full-time gaming station. Then charge for tickets game day or sell season packages to your neighbors.
  • If cost is a factor, try dark brown vinyl plank flooring which resembles hardwood floors. That way you’ll have more money for sports memorabilia and the foosball table and pool table.
  • Another option is to use a green area rug that can serve as a football field or putting green. It’s cheap, easy to clean, and you don’t have to mow it.

Tip: When you reach out to your flooring store with your new flooring design ideas, ask for a flooring sale and installation price and if they can include a military discount or senior discount for $100 off.

A Penny for Your Thoughts…

While this fun project is pennies encased in a floor design (which might have put Coinstar out of business), it’s a fun way of showing a creative side. Keep in mind for this design to work, the pennies had to all be lined up next to each other and then shellacked or glued in place and filled in with black grout and then sealed.

As Bob Vila noted, “It’s cent-sational!”

Tip: Whether you’re looking for new hardwood flooring or vinyl flooring that you would like to have installed, call your local flooring specialist for a price for flooring and installation and share your flooring idea.

Latest flooring design

Ask if they specialize in the materials you want to have added or if they would recommend someone who can install the flooring pattern you want and don’t forget to ask for a discount or about the end-of-season special where you can take $500 off new flooring and get free-installation.

Other Awesome Flooring Designs

If you’re not sure you can pull off a penny pinch or set up the end zone in your basement, here are a few other images that showcase the funnier and more inventive side of flooring designs:

A floor covered in records.

Let’s hope this doesn’t get scratched. This concept was a great way to show a new trend in an old product. The records were laid out and glued to the floor and then sealed. Here’s hoping the future homeowners will be 33-fans and not prefer 45s.

A floor made out of whiskey bottles.

While this one was quite inventive, using distressed and reclaimed wood is actually very trendy. Talk to a flooring specialist about the best wood for your project to ensure it won’t dry out. You can even find cheap vinyl alternatives that resemble distressed or reclaimed wood and no one will know the difference.

Reclaimed wood flooring

A floor that is made out of wine corks.

While it must have taken days to line up thousands of wine corks in this wave pattern, cork is actually very trendy but like bamboo, it is only recommended for some climates.

A floor made of all leather belts.

Gives new meaning to “Honey, have you seen my… Oh never mind!”

With this flooring concept, old leather belts were arranged into square tiles and then shellacked or sealed into the floor.

Flooring made of leather belts

A floor made of bottle caps.

Gives new meaning to “A round on the house for everyone.” In this case, it’s more like around from everyone.

Bottle Caps flooring

And then there’s a little something for the kids.

If you’re interested in flooring designs like these or you have your own flooring idea that will just “floor” everyone you know, contact a floor specialist about the materials that you would like to use:

  • When you do your search for “carpet stores near me that sell vinyl flooring” or “flooring stores near me” ask for the best flooring sale and installation deal and mention your design idea.
  • Some fabrics and materials don’t do well in warmer or more humid climates. For example, bamboo is trending, but it’s not recommended for warmer climates.
  • Additionally, with carpeting, in areas where there is high humidity, it’s not advised to use carpeting because it can start to mold or smell like mildew due to the high amounts of moisture that it absorbs.

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