Personalize Your Space with a Theme and Unique Flooring Choices

Anyone can decorate their home with their own aesthetic, but when you create a themed look, you truly make your living space your own. With your ideas and unique flooring choices, the rooms you can create are endless.

Unique themed Flooring Decor ideas

Here are some ideas on how to create a themed look.

What Are Some Themed Ideas?

Themes for your home are anything you can think of. If you miss your vacation by the shore, create a nautical look by incorporating light colored flooring with lighter colored, distressed wood furniture and soft blue, aqua, or white bedding. Add some nautical decorations and a palm frond ceiling fan, and you’re set.

Gorgeous beach bedroom Decor Ideas

According to The Spruce:

While there are no hard-and-fast rules, in general, beach design means a casual and peaceful vibe, plenty of colors of the coast, furnishings that look a bit timeworn, and motifs that suit the theme, including ocean life, waves, beachfront fun, and sports played in the sea.

Attractive Bedroom Decor ideas

The ocean isn’t the only design idea. What about a retro car-themed room for the kids? With this idea incorporate grey flooring or even a checkerboard look out of vinyl tile. Add some vintage metal signs, a few neutral colors, and even create a storage area out of tool chests for a unique look.

How Do You Choose a Theme?

Choosing a theme is the easy part then bringing your theme to life is the fun part. Simply pick out a type of space that makes you happy. From a safari theme or Spanish look to a retro theme or minimalism – you do not have to adhere to everyone’s expectations. Make it about you and what you love, and space will reflect your passion.

Unique or Complementary Flooring Makes the Difference

No matter what type of style you want for your themed living space, the flooring is what really sets the mood. Whether it’s a darker wood for a safari theme or light tiles for a beach look – you can easily make a big difference in the look by choosing the floor that matches your ideas.

Still not sure? It may help to have an in-home consult with an expert who can advise you on the best option for your needs. A designer knows exactly what would work best in each type of space and can help you choose the perfect design for your home.

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