Pet Friendly Flooring Options – Phoenix & Tucson

For a home with pets constructing a new home or refurbishing your existing home is a difficult task. Choosing the right flooring material is a tough choice because the flooring material you install should not only be able to take the impact of high foot traffic but also take the impact of pets running around and playing in your home.

Pet-Friendly Flooring

We are going toa shed some light on few flooring materials which would be ideal for your home with pets.

Bamboo Flooring – This flooring material is a perfect choice to be installed in homes with pets. It is an extremely durable and dependable flooring material as it is tough and will be able to withstand high foot traffic. It can be effortlessly renewed and does not wear out immediately.

Pet-friendly bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is resistant to stains and spills can be removed from its surface easily. It has a score of 1600 on the Janka Hardness Test and does not cost a fortune in case of a repair. Bamboo flooring is an amazing option for people who would desire to get the appearance of vinyl or hardwood flooring for their homes.

Stone Flooring – This flooring material is incredible for homes with pets as it cannot be scratched easily and they are not easily visible on the surface of the flooring. Though stone flooring is extremely resistant to scratches it tends to be very cold and hard making it very uncomfortable for your pet. It is recommended to use pet beds and area rugs to relieve you of this apprehension. Granite is an excellent option to install in your homes as it is the hardest natural stone and is resistant to scratches.

Stone flooring option for pets

Vinyl Flooring – This flooring material is very pet-friendly and is an amazing option as it is resistant to stains, scratches, and spills. It is very easy and convenient to clean and maintain. This flooring material is very durable and has longevity. Vinyl Plank flooring material reduces the level of noise when walked on and is low in allergens.

Vinyl pet-friendly flooring

Tile Flooring – Tile either ceramic or porcelain tiles is a good choice as it can withstand wear and tear due to daily use. It does not sustain scratches easily. However, it tends to get stains which would damage the flooring in the long run. Tile flooring similar to stone would be an uncomfortable option for pets to lie on as it will be hard and cold.

Pet-friendly tile flooring

Ease of installation and budget are the two main factors which we should consider while choosing the pet-friendly flooring options in order to save time and money for repairs.

Your Pet vs Your Floor. The Daily Battle

We know that pets and floors don’t always get along. Stumble into your house and enter the aftermath of battle:

You’ll find scratches in your hardwood. There might be an infinite amount of hairs embedded in your carpet. You might even discover disturbing “deposits” from time to time, of varying size, shape, and color.

Here’s the good news: your pet is not purposefully bent on destruction. He is intended by nature to claw, dig, and shed various leavings. Your goal is to minimize damage to your floors while keeping your sanity.

Let’s explore various solutions for maintaining your floors, as well as your cherished animal’s well-being:

  • Trim those nails: Fido typically tenses up when those metallic clippers make an appearance. But his long nails will scratch your hardwood flooring and make snags in your carpet. It’s a win-win when you consider the advice from the professionals: the ASPCA says that a dog’s nails should be trimmed soon before they’re long enough to touch the ground while he’s walking. Your feline friend also needs her nails trimmed on a regular schedule; WebMD suggests a regular interval of ten to fourteen days.

Trim pet nails

  • Allow your pet to work out his energy. You go stir-crazy if you’re in the house too long – the same applies to your pet. Quick sprints across the hardwood floors may result in scratching, even when your pet’s nails are on the short side. Allow your pet to “let loose outside”… or in a safe indoor environment. If you have a fenced backyard, don’t discount an old-fashioned game of frisbee with Fido. Many locales also have dog parks, where pups can mingle and roam free. If you have a cat, she’ll benefit from exercise, too. Perennial cat favorites are “chase and hunt” toys – try out this playtime in your basement or another room where she won’t scratch the floor.
  • Use baby gates/barriers to rooms with sensitive flooring. Certain rooms may need to be off-limits entirely, for your budget and/or peace of mind. Hardwood floor is more sensitive than other options to scratching. If you have a hardwood room that you want to keep pristine, you might want to make it a “no-no” zone. If you don’t like the look of gates, consider keeping the door closed.

Sensitive pet-friendly flooring

  • Carpet runners can be your ally. Battle scars are often found in areas of intense pressure, in areas where your animal “digs in” to leap on furniture or other raised surfaces. These zones in hardwood might develop a “pocked” appearance; carpets may even develop small holes. Match your carpet runners to your decor and nobody will guess at your secret strategy.
  • When choosing a carpet, choose Stainmaster. It’s inevitable that you’ll return from a day out and find a “surprise” on your floor. You don’t want to contend with ugly reminders of the incident for years to come. Stainmaster carpets are the industry’s choice for the ultimate protection from any mess your animal might leave behind.

Stainmaster pet-friendly carpet

  • For your next pet, consider a “no-shed” or “low-shed” breed. Choose one of these and you’ll vacuum less often. You also won’t find pet hair sticking to every conceivable surface. The American Kennel Club offers this list of dog breeds that don’t shed. And you might not have known this, but there are even various breeds of felines on another no-shed, low-shed list.

Pet owners, rejoice! Your floors need not suffer. Express Flooring will work with you to create the best situation for your household’s needs. With our extensive array of choices, we’ll set you up with the new flooring that you can enjoy for years to come. We offer tile flooring, vinyl flooring, stone flooring, hardwood flooring, and carpet flooring in a wide variety of styles and price points.

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