Pet Friendly Living Room Flooring Options

Pets can bring a completely new element of love and affection to one’s life, at the same time can also bring some chances of risk to your floors. Pets can be little tough to handle on some types of flooring. The impact of your pets reduces the span of your flooring and this can be a major defect due to constant wear of nails clacking, scratching, and the threat of pet accidents leaving permanent horrid unclean stains on the floor. This is particularly true in living rooms that tend to be open areas to pets and people too.

pet-friendly-flooringBut fortunately, thanks to the latest floorings that are scratch and stain resistant with extreme durability. This allows you to take your pet into consideration while choosing the living room flooring material choices.

Ceramic tile– Ceramic flooring is the best option in terms of wear and tear for pet owners as it is extremely durable and won’t be able to damage the floor by pet claws. Glazed Ceramic tiles are also impervious to stains and liquid penetration. Simultaneously, the glaze will be printed in a variety of designs or patterns that gives you a wide range of decorative options for your living rooms.

Acid Stained ConcreteConcrete flooring is often thought of being as very harsh and industrial, making it a tedious option for living rooms. However, concrete can be treated in a variety of ways, including texturing, polishing, staining, and chemical treatments, which can achieve a collection of visual effects that work well in both modern and contemporary living room styles.

As we all know, concrete is extremely hard, at the same time resistant to pet stains if sealed properly. Using area carpets and throw rugs can make concrete surface soften your living room. If these showpieces get damaged by your pet stains they are simple enough to machine wash or replace.

Brick Flooring– The rich beauty of brick flooring is a great match for rustic, cottage and country style living room decors. With little precise installation, you can use them effectively to create a sleek and modern style effect. As far as pets, brick is tough enough and durable so it won’t scratch and wear. To keep impervious to stains you just need the sealed brick paver treatment yearly.

Natural stone Flooring– Natural stone flooring is also impervious to stains and water penetration as like acid stained concrete if properly cared it can be a long- lasting living room flooring choice for pet owners. However, avoid polished materials such as marble and granite, because these can scratch under pet nails. Opt for natural products such as slate and limestone instead of polished materials.

Ultimately, choose the best flooring that suits your home, based on your requirements such as durability, interior design, ease of maintenance and of course most importantly cost. Also, choose multi-colored materials for your living room flooring that helps in hiding dirt, debris and pet hairs.

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