Plush carpeting: everything you need to know [Guide]

Plush carpeting, also known as Saxony, has an enduring appearance and the soft surface gives a fantastic feeling to your flooring. It has a cut pile carpet installation of carpet fibers, which makes it more dense and smooth compared to other carpet styles. Before choosing it as your flooring, you need to know everything about plush carpeting so you can decide whether it is the right fit for the area or not.


The basics of plush carpeting are:

It is dense and has a quality cushion

Plush carpeting is all about level cut carpets with carpet fibers about half an inch high. The base of these carpets is a good quality cushion, which makes it more sturdy and tough. They are made with tight carpet fibers, making it more thick and soft for a longer period.

It is all about luxury

Plush carpeting combines both elegance and comfort and is best for homeowners who want luxury carpet. These carpets are designed to impress people. They look good, feel soft and deliver more warmth compared to other carpet styles. It also adds glamor to any space. It is meant for people who don’t like slippery and cold floors.

It requires maintenance

When considering carpet installation, you will probably be impressed with the luxurious feel of the pile of carpet fibers in plush carpeting. But the soft and dense nature of plush carpeting makes footprints and vacuum marks more visible on the carpet. So before choosing plush carpeting, many factors and maintenance tips have to be considered in advance so that you can make a wise decision. These carpets are best in areas with limited traffic.

Plush carpet styles are one of the most beautiful and inviting options on the market. Plush carpet installation will add a rich, luxurious feel to any room. However, they tend to stain easier and can be destroyed with time. Also, the color should be chosen according to the amount of traffic that room receives. Lighter colors should be selected for drawing rooms or guest rooms, while darker shades should be reserved for living rooms or kids rooms as this will ensure your floors look good for a longer time.

For the best carpet installation, always ensure the job is done by experts. They will also help you have the best plush carpeting by going through different carpet styles and colors with you.

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