Polished Concrete Floors Pros and Cons

A polished concrete floor has become one of the ideal flooring types among the others for their environmental friendly nature, cost effectiveness and durability. Polished concrete flooring is pliable and phenomenal for domestic and commercial areas. Concrete flooring is been a sub flooring material for a long time. You would be surprised to know that polished concrete floors mimic the impression of other flooring types like marble. The finish that is obtained after polishing the concrete, offers great resistance to any damage more than any other flooring could put forward. Polished concrete floors can with stand significant amount of pressure without any huffs and tuffs. Let us look into the detail pros and cons for having a polished concrete flooring.

Polished Concrete Floor

Pros of Polished Concrete Floors

  • Long lasting: Interesting aspect of polished concrete flooring is they are much more durable than any other flooring type. Given that, concrete floors must be laid properly to make them scratch resistant. They need very less maintenance and cleaning. The polished concrete floors need not be replaced as long they are in a good up keep.
  • Low maintenance: Unlike other flooring types, concrete flooring does not required specific cleaning agents or harmful agents to clean. The dust and debris do not stick to the floor; it can be cleaned through a regular sweeping, vacuuming and moping.
  • Strong and Flexible: Polished concrete flooring is hard and can resist any changes in the climate. They can be toughened to give much strength if used as a one of the commercial flooring options in heavy foot traffic areas. Spills, splits, wearing, tearing are no more issues concern with flooring.
  • Environmental Friendly: Concrete is a most reliable natural material produced without affecting the forests. Concrete flooring is energy efficient flooring that helps consume less energy by saving expenses on your bills. Concrete flooring offers warmth in winters and cool surface in summers.

Cons of Polished Concrete Floors

  • Messy Installation: Although the concrete materials available in the market are cheap and reasonably priced. The installation process is a bit tedious job with lots of ups and down.
  • Surface hardness: Concrete flooring surface is too hard any accidental fall may cause severe injuries.
  • Cracks: This is exceptional unless a very heavy material strikes the floor resulting in cracks and chips.

Polished concrete flooring can be a good option if you are budget oriented when planning flooring for your home. It occupies your expanse with the same grace you might be expecting with the other flooring types.

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