Porch Flooring Options for Traditional Customary Homes

porch flooring optionsPorches continue to be an essential part of the traditional customary homes. These areas are best suited to spend quality time with the family by relaxing and enjoying the solace of nature. For a few years they were not much in the market and customers were not much inclined to a porch in their house. However, recent times have witnessed lot of change as more customers are inclined to have a porch in their home and design it to their requirements.

It is recommended to use durable flooring materials that are Eco friendly to avoid negative impacts on the environment and give your porch an exquisite appearance. To make the choice convenient and effortless for you we are going to give a brief description of the various types of nature friendly flooring material available in the market.

  • Bamboo – This is the fastest growing type in hardwood flooring. Bamboo can be used to make partitions within the porch or for its walls. This flooring material is very elastic in nature and is perfect for use on outdoor porches. If you want to install it as a flooring option, it is available in either board or tongue and groove technique. It has longevity and is extremely resistant to moisture. It is an excellent way to improve the air quality in your home, as it takes in 4 times of carbon dioxide compared to any other tree. Though bamboo flooring is resistant to moisture it tends to get damaged if it is exposed to water continuously. This material is very brittle as it can easily get dents and scratches.
  • Cork – This material is produced by scrapping the exterior of certain exotic living trees at meticulously spaced intervals of time, usually ranging for once in 10 years. Every tree produces an enormous quantity of cork and it continues to grow even after the cork is gathered. This method does not involve cutting down any trees and is completely Eco friendly. It gives your porch a unique look combined with natural beauty. This material ensures you have a soft supple floor that is extremely durable. It can withstand damage caused by pests and molds making it a very dependable flooring material. It is very important to avoid your cork flooring from getting wet as water helps to expand the flooring making it uneven. This flooring needs to be cleaned regularly using only a wet mop to avoid any kind of serious damage.
  • Linoleum Flooring – This material is very much similar to vinyl planks with a difference. This material is made from pure organic materials whereas vinyl is a petroleum based material that consists of chemicals. Linoleum is a composition of pine sawdust, limestone, powdered cork, pine rosin, color pigments and linseed oil. Though it is more expensive than vinyl flooring you are guaranteed to receive value for your money as its longevity is 5 times more than vinyl.
  • Recycled Material – This material consists of plastic, glass, fiber-glass, metal and timber. Using recycled products reduces the need to use environmental products that are on the verge of extinction. This material also helps to reduce the amount of unnecessary wastage in landfills. This flooring material does not present a very aesthetic visual appeal.
  • Reclaimed Products – This material is obtained from discarded products or demolished buildings. This material consists of metal, timber and bricks. Though these materials are reclaimed from demolished buildings or discarded products they are in excellent condition and quality. Using reclaimed products, help you have an exotic porch without investing more money. Reclaimed products require a lot of time, energy and repair work to remove nails, do sanding, and refurbishing to get the perfect finished product.

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