Professional Air Duct or Vent Cleaning – Why Do We Need?

The right question to ask is why I should clean air ducts? If I have to then, how often I have to clean these air ducts? We live in a healthy environment where we take care of every minor issue with a great concern that may affect our health. The indoor environment of a home contains many pollutants that may cause serious allergies and infections. Air ducts are one among those equipment that has to be cleaned regularly to avoid indoor air pollution. According to EPA (Environment Protection Agency), indoor air pollutants cause respiratory allergies and bronchial asthma if the surroundings have more than 70% of pollutants in the air. Mostly pregnant women, children and elders are highly sensitive to these dust allergies. Hence air duct cleaning is very much essential.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning Air Ducts

Although there are no studies suggesting the extent of seriousness of health issues due to improper duct cleaning. But U.S EPA and indoor air quality experts say duct cleaning is vital for arresting the respiratory pollutants in the air. They also suggest that air ducts must be cleaned for an average span of 3-4 years (residential areas).

When to Clean Air Ducts

Cleaning of air ducts depend on the degree of its usage, surroundings and atmospheric conditions of the place. There are few signs to identify whether the ducts need to be cleaned or replaced. They are

  • If the ducts show signs of constant and continuous water damage
  • If the ducts or HVAC emit unpleasant odor
  • Accumulation of dust and debris that obstruct the air flow
  • Microbial contamination in the ducts

How an Expert can Help

The purpose of ducts cleaning is to identify the source of contamination and clean it, also to sustain the duct system for longer duration. Consulting a good air system cleaning experts with good and standard quality techniques can help your air ducts maintenance and sustenance last long. A good air cleaning service can advice you a routine duct cleaning process that would be easy to handle. The air duct cleaning generally takes 3-5 hours and hiring an expert can also be beneficial as he may also recommend any other problematic issues like molds in the air ducts that can be rectified.

Few tips to prevent dust accumulation in ducts

  • A proper housekeeping in areas with much traffic.
  • Routine maintenance of HVAC.
  • Any renovation or repairs in the indoors, proper care must be taken to avoid dust and debris entering into the ducts or vents.

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