Professional Wood Floors: Biggest Mistakes to Avoid with Your Remodel

Whether you’re starting a new remodeling project for your entire home or you’re working on remodeling one room at a time, there are a few key mistakes that you want to avoid when you install your hardwood floors. From not consulting a flooring specialist or interior decorator to not having a plan and budget beforehand, use these valuable tips to help you plan the best remodeling project based on your budget and the design ideas you want to incorporate in your rooms.

Hallway Hardwood Flooring

Not Doing Your Research

One of the reasons that not doing your research can hurt you is that if you don’t establish a few key points ahead of time, it can quickly lower your expectations when you don’t achieve the results you want.

A few common mistakes that homeowners can make might include:

Mistake #1: Not Researching the Correct Tile to Use

Applying a self-adhesive tile on their kid’s flooring to save money: The flooring starts to peel and slide and it then has to be pulled up and replaced.

How to Correct It

In the first example, while the person wanted to find a cheap way to redecorate a room, they didn’t do the research or read the reviews to understand that some cheap tiles that you find online are not durable underfoot and the adhesive won’t keep them secure. A better alternative would have been to order a cheaper vinyl flooring that is able to withstand foot traffic. It’s long-lasting and can handle any spills or stains.

Hardwood Flooring for kids

Mistake #2: Not Researching the Correct Wood Based on Sunlight Exposure

Installing a lovely oak hardwood floor in a beautiful sunlit room: The oak starts to fade over time because it’s exposed to too much direct sunlight.

How to Correct It

In the second example, the mistake was not researching the best flooring based on natural sunlight. It’s possible that if blackout drapes were used, the wood floors would have held up longer, but in this case, it’s likely that the homeowner would need to have the floors sanded and stained to reduce the pattern left from the light through the windows.

Mistake #3: Not Researching Damp Basement Conditions

Adding unfinished wood to a basement because it was on sale: A damp basement will cause the wood to retain moisture and the wood can start to buckle, cup or mildew.

Hardwood Flooring with damp condition

How to Correct It

In the last example, adding wood floors to a basement can vary. A flooring specialist should have been consulted because they might have been able to help the homeowner to pick a flooring option that was better for their basement or recommend they finish the basement first and reduce the moisture.

These are just a few examples of why you need to have a plan to avoid mistakes that can cost you. That’s why this helpful guide will walk you through different flooring techniques and designs with helpful tips so you can avoid the aforementioned mistakes.

Not Having a Plan Ahead of Time

Having a plan in place for how you’ll redecorate your rooms can not only save you money, but you won’t waste time correcting mistakes that could have been avoided.

A few common examples of why a plan should be used include:

Mistake #1: Not Properly Measuring Your Rooms

You see a sale for wood and buy it without properly measuring your rooms. You then install the wood and have either too much left over or not enough.

How To Correct This

One way to correct a measurement mistake is to have a flooring specialist do the measurements for you or have a flooring installer confirm your measurements.

While a simple room measurement is length x width, it can be complicated if there are angled stairs, a foyer and different parts of the room with different measurements. To best help you, set up a free in-home estimate and let a flooring specialist handle the measurements.

Measuring Hardwood flooring for installation

Mistake #2: Adding Carpeting to the Kitchen

You saw a design idea online and added wall-to-wall carpeting to your kitchen and now there’s a mildew smell you can’t get rid of.

How To Correct This

One way to correct this is to ensure any carpeting in the kitchen is stain-resistant. Keep in mind that the kitchen is where food prep work takes place. There’s a lot of spills, grease, and splatter from water and food dishes. It’s an area where you want to keep the floor as dry as possible. Another way to add carpeting is to use a nylon carpet that’s man-made and add a plastic runner to catch any spills, but again, carpeting isn’t best for kitchens because of the spills and higher temperatures from cooking.

Carpet Flooring for kitchen with runners

If you want to add carpeting, it would be better to go with hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, or linoleum flooring and then add an area rug. That way you can wash the area rug or have it dry cleaned and there is no mold, mildew, or odors to worry about.

Mistake #3: Not Mapping Out a Color Scheme

A great idea from one of the design shows peaked your interest and you bought new red vinyl flooring for your kitchen. It’s trending and your family loved it over the holidays. Now its spring and you’re tired of the look.

How to Correct This

There will be all kinds of “trending” ideas that you see on HGTV, Houzz, or This Old House. It’s similar to how we’re able to go from one season to the next. You can have one look in your kitchen for fall, one for spring, and so forth.

One way you can plan ahead is to only add flooring in a neutral color but let your accessories be in that bold and trending color. That way when the next season hits and the next new design style comes along, you can just swap out your kitchen towels, curtain, and area rug for a new color scheme. Voila!

Mistake #4: Not establishing a Budget

Picture it: You’ve got family coming to visit over the holidays and in a mad dash to redecorate and remodel, you have new flooring installed only to find out that you missed an awesome flooring sale that would have deeply discounted your costs (and left plenty of extra money for holiday gifts).

How to Correct This

When you are ready to start shopping for new floors, visit your flooring store or check their website for deals and offers. You can do a search on Google or Bing for “Arizona carpet stores near me” or “Arizona flooring stores near me” or use the link for Express Flooring here and view the deals and sales. For example, Express Flooring has the following deals you can take advantage of:

  • $100 off for seniors
  • $500 off a new installation
  • $607 off when old floors are replaced with new flooring
  • A cruise offer (when this promotion is available)
  • An end-of-season sale

By researching the site ahead of time, having a plan, and talking to the flooring specialist about your budget, you’ll save more money (and have more gifts to unwrap!)

Ready to get the best deal on your new floors? Get a flooring sale and installation estimate today and about the end-of-season sales and offers listed above. Whether you’re looking for hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, or other flooring types, you’ll find helpful tips and discounts are available that you can take advantage of.

Not Consulting an Interior Designer

Another area where you might want to “look before you leap” is with your interior design. Because there are thousands of color schemes and new room decorating ideas every day, it can help you to speak to an interior designer first about your remodeling project.

A few common examples of why you should consult an interior designer include:

Mistake #1: Not Reviewing All the Selections

You see a great bathroom look online that you want to incorporate into your bathroom. It includes partial hardwood flooring that’s sealed and marble flooring. You have the flooring installed and then realize that the marble has started to chip or it’s scratched and that when you go from walking on the wood floors to the marble, it’s shockingly cold underfoot. You then realize that other stone flooring could have been used that’s scratch resistant and warmer underfoot.

Bathroom Hardwood Flooring

How to Correct This

When you’re ready to start your redesign, consult with an interior designer and a flooring specialist and then read the reviews about the flooring option you want to select. You might see where other homeowners ran into the same problem a little too late and this will save you time and headache. You can then let your flooring specialist know you’d like to go with travertine or slate, which are both popular for kitchens and bathrooms – and warmer underfoot.

If you choose to go with a budget-friendly option, there are vinyl tiles available that can help you create a marble or natural flooring look and they resemble real marble and real natural stone. The prices are lower than actual stone flooring, they can be installed in a few hours, and you’ll find that the look is relatively the same and looks like you spent more money.

Mistake #2: Not Settling on a Pattern

After checking for a few flooring ideas online, you settle on a herringbone design for your wood floors that would match your color scheme. You then realize that you don’t like it because you saw a distressed wood design that you prefer instead.

How to Correct This

Review all of the available flooring options to help you decide the best pattern for your rooms. That way you can say that you’ve reviewed every style and aren’t “surprised” when you see a style that you prefer more online.

Newer styles that are trending now include luxury vinyl flooring, distressed flooring, and reclaimed wood. If you haven’t heard about these, luxury vinyl flooring is a way to use flooring that resembles expensive hardwood floors or natural stones. It’s actually hard to tell the difference. If you’re interested in seeing samples, let Express Flooring know.

Luxury vinyl flooring

The other styles that were mentioned include distressed flooring and reclaimed wood. If you haven’t heard about reclaimed wood, it’s a way to use recycled barn wood and planks as flooring. They can be the same shade or in mixed shades.

Distressed wood, on the other hand, is a technique that gives wood an older look which is ideal if you want a rustic kitchen look with an urban vibe. You can have distressed wood installed and pair it with all modern stainless steel appliances.

Mistake #3: Not Settling on a Color Scheme

You redecorate your rooms based on bright color schemes and new floor patterns that included a colorful cork flooring design. Now you realize that it’s not what you had in mind and you no longer like the floor in a brighter color.

How to Correct This

This is similar to the mistake above about the red flooring where accessories can have accompanying colors. When you’re ready to create colorful room decors, follow interior designers online and then consult them for help with your particular room’s décor. Remember, it’s always easier to change pillows, blankets, and duvets than it is to repaint and redo the floors.

Hardwood Flooring

Look at your bedroom accessories as items that can be replaced each season. You can do the same thing with bathroom accessories and your accessories in the kitchen. That way if you want to add a few fall colors you can do that and then quickly transition with the next season. You want a style that you’ll enjoy for years to come!

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As you can see, there are a lot of common flooring mistakes that can be avoided by working with an interior designer and consulting a flooring specialist. Remember to research the specific flooring styles you would like to add to your rooms. Then look for the deals and offers that can help you save more money with your remodeling project. That way you’ll have plenty leftover for new accessories and a few new furnishings, too!

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