Pros and Cons of Glass Mosaic Tile Flooring

Glass Mosaic Tiles are extremely beautiful and can certainly add beauty to bathrooms, kitchens, pools and as mosaic flooring designs in living spaces. Glass mosaic tiles are often compared to other mosaic tiles such as ceramic and stone tiles. Glass mosaic tiling for floors can really imbue a room with great luxury for your home. These tiles can elevate the style and classiness of any space. However, they can be a bit expensive comparatively to other flooring materials and little difficult to maintain in high traffic areas.

These tiles come in virtually any size and are available standard as small as ½” X ½”. Squares and rectangles are most common shapes in mosaic tile flooring material. Their use and application is associated with both pros and cons. So, it’s important to understand the characteristics of the material before you make a decision.

Advantages of Mosaic Glass Flooring:onyxseriestile_lrg21

Design – In terms of design and color, glass mosaic tile comes in extensive designs and colors are very diverse. It supports the widest range of designs and visual effects. They are available in countless colors which can be combined to create the most artistic designs.

Cleaning –  Glass tiles are resistant to stains, mold and mildew. You can clean glass tiles effortlessly as they do not have pores. They tend to show dirt very easily so that you can clean. They resist to chemical damage, also they aren’t porous where you don’t have to worry about grime sinking into the tile. Very easy to clean and you can wipe down with a damp cloth or can be mopped with warm water. For soap scum build up in a bath room a mild vinegar solution can be used.

Unaffected by humidity – This is one of the key benefits of using mosaic glass tile in a bathroom or kitchen. No matter of humidity or heat, these tiles remain unaffected. To regain their original luster and shine a simple cleaning is sufficient for glass mosaic tile flooring.

Durability – In terms of durability, these tiles are very durable and resistant to cracking.Eco- Friendly- Mosaic glass tile flooring made from reclaimed glass refuse, which is environment friendly because it uses the material that are no longer in use.

Disadvantages of Mosaic Glass Flooring:

Price – One of the major drawbacks of using mosaic glass tile flooring is the price. Mosaic glass elle deco spain mosaic tile floor house cococozy sun porch gallerytends to be slightly more expensive relatively to other flooring materials.

Installation– Installation of  tile flooring is extremely difficult. Unless you are experienced with laying tile, hire the professional for perfect installation.

Scratches – Though glass mosaics are durable and resist to stains, they are susceptible to scratches. Scratches may affect the quality of material and spoil the appearance of the tiles. Over time scratches will accumulate and it should be replaced after quite a few years.

Breakage – Avoid dropping heavy objects on mosaic glass tile because it may either crack or chip a tile, where it become a risk who walks on the floor with bare foot. Unfortunately, glass tile repair can be quite expensive.

Slippage– Mosaic glass is relatively smooth surface and is susceptible to become slippery especially wet ones. The use of non- slip throw rug can offset this to some extent.

With careful handling and maintenance of glass mosaic tiles creates shining visuals. Glass mosaic tiles can make your floor look the most beautiful with care and maintenance for ages.

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