Real Wood Floors Vs. Ceramic Wood Look Tiles?

Wooden flooring was once considered the only flooring option that added warmth and natural beauty to a home. Advancements in manufacturing processes were achieved and tile installations can now look exactly like wood flooring. One of the biggest trends in the field of home décor is the ceramic wood look tile that not only looks similar to wood but is more durable.

The major differences between the two are as follows:

· Price:

The major difference is the price when it comes to choosing among various wooden flooring options and wood like tiles. Hardwood flooring is harvested from natural and exotic trees, but with tile, an image of hardwood is placed over the material to form wood look tiles. This, along with an increased installation time, make hardwood flooring much more expensive. One thing about hardwood flooring is that you can feel the difference when walking on it compared to wood like tiles.

· Durability and sustainability:

Wooden flooring options are susceptible to scratching and attract moisture, but wood look tile flooring is resistant to all damage and is easy to clean. Wood look tiles are a remarkable substitute to wooden flooring and also reduce deforestation. These tiles give warmth, beauty and elegance just like wood flooring does without disturbing a single tree.Real-Wood-Floors-Vs-Ceramic-Wood-Look-Tiles

· Value:

The price for wood flooring is much higher, but the value it delivers to your house is incomparable. Wood look tiles are undoubtedly more durable and easy to maintain, but the value that wooden floors give to your house is much more than the tiles that look like wood.

· Application with customization:

Wooden flooring options have limited application, but tile installation of wood look tiles can be done anywhere, including shower areas and the kitchen. It repels all liquids and stains, and marks do not appear on it. Also, forming a unique pattern with wood can be expensive and time-consuming, but with wood look tiles you can create custom designs easily.

· Repair:

Repairing wood look tiles is difficult but not impossible. Hardwood installation and repair can be done by simply sanding imperfections and refinishing. Wood look tile flooring comes in individual pieces and a new piece may not match the other tiles of the flooring. This can make it difficult to repair it compared to traditional wooden flooring options.

Wooden flooring options compete with many copycats, which not only deliver the look of wood but also are less expensive because of how easy tile installation is. If you are planning to build your new home or complete renovations on your old home and want to save money, choose wood look tiles that give the same look as real wood.

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