Remodel Your Flooring While Staying Sane

It’s not a secret that remodeling jobs often cause discord among couples. Whether it’s disagreeing on the look or fighting over the actual install, some might wonder if it is really worth the headache. Here are a few tips on remodeling your flooring while staying sane.

Why Couples Argue

According to Business Week:

Studies show that 12% of couples consider divorce during home renovations. And we’re betting a good chunk of the remaining 88% spent a few chilly days sleeping in separate beds.

Floor remodeling

But why does this happen? Often it is simple clashing over how things are done. Look at it this way – you already have a mess with your home being in disarray and add to it two unique personalities and you’re bound to have disagreements over the look of your flooring, the work you do, and the project itself.

Have Professional Design Help

With a professional, you have someone who knows all about designs, colors, and flooring options to come in and help you decide on the best course of action for your new floor. While we may not renovate your whole house, we can provide in-home estimates with a designer to help you make educated decisions that are best for your home – and your sanity.

Free in-home shopping

Have Someone Else Do the Installation

While you may think you can save money doing your own installation, it is often not as easy as it seems – especially if you don’t have the experience. Whether it’s tile flooring, carpet flooring, or vinyl flooring and more – floor install mistakes can destroy a home’s value and yes, lead to more discord.

We make it easy by offering a free estimate with a design consultant. Not only that, but we can provide next day installation so your life is disrupted as little as possible. That allows you to focus on other projects or at least take a little of the load off of your project.

Keeping the Peace

Allowing a professional to help take care of your flooring needs ensures that you’ll have a more peaceful renovation and less arguing with the other half of your household and isn’t that what is important.

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