Remove Your Carpets – Without Ruining Your Hardwood Floors!

Bored of your carpet flooring? Want to change the look of your house? Yes! Then changing the carpet is a good idea. But hold on; don’t ruin your hardwood flooring in the process! Want to know how? Take a few carpet removal tips first.

Though a lot of people prefer hiring professional help, you can save a lot of money by doing the job yourself. But be prepared- it is not an easy task at all. Once you’ve decided to go ahead, be prepared for some unpleasant sights and smells. Despite cleaning your house for what seems like always, this is one of the dirtiest parts of your home. Keep ready some eye protection, dust mask and work gloves.

You just need simple tools- pliers and a box cutting knife. Also keep a pry bar and a scrapper to help the padding and tack strip. Make sure you have some strong packing tape or heavy rope for the removed rolled up carpets.

Phoenix Carpet FlooringProcedure to Remove Carpet from Hardwood Flooring:

Whenever you take a knife near wood, there is always a risk of cutting into the hardwood floors. Minimize the risk by choosing the best area to start with. All carpets are usually held down by carpet-strips. These are wooden strips which are held to the floor with nail points. The best way to start would be to make your initial cut (around one inch) where the carpet strips have to be. Cut the carpet into pieces that are easy to manage.

After making your initial cut, use the pliers to pull up one side of the cut carpet. This should pull the carpet enough, that any further cutting wood lead to the airspace between the carpet and the floor. Now place the blade of your box-cutter in between the space and make a straight cut out away from the wall. Continue to raise the cut area away from the floor and make the next cut.

Keep working along the same lines and make sure you cut all the way right up to the opposite wall. Now use all the cut edges to lift the carpet off the floor. Use pliers in case you need to remove some of the carpet strings.

Now that you have the carpet removed, roll it up and set it aside. Remove the padding by using the same cut and pull method. It might be stapled to the floor. So you can even use a scrapper to remove it. Start from a corner and work around the perimeters of the room. After that, work around the seams. Continue till all the padding and staples are done with. Roll the padding up with the carpet and now prepare for cleaning. After this, remove the tack strips from the floor. Starting from a corner, pry the tack strips away. Make sure all the nails are also removed.

Once you’re done, use a broom or a vacuum to get rid of all the dirt. You might want to consider refinishing your hardwood floors.

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