Residential Carpet guides – The Importance Of Yarn

Carpet flooring can be for a variety of purposes. They add an extra element of sophistication and elegance to your home. Carpets can be used to cover the entire surface of the house you can even install them on stairs.

Imagine the cozy feeling of walking barefooted on your insulated floor during winters. When used for residential purposes carpets enjoy a good life span, remain more clean and hygienic. Carpet flooring arizona gives a unique appeal to your house décor.

There are plenty types of carpet available in the market that can satisfy your requirement.

The different carpet fibers are:


It is considered one of the best fibers for carpets used for residential purposes. When treated with stain resistant it delivers the best result. It is more suitable for a household with children and pets. Naturally, they will be messier than others. Nylon offers the best wear resistant carpet flooring.


  • This is a natural stain resistant material for carpet making. They do not need to undergo any stain resistant procedure to make it durable. However, it is considered less stain resistant than nylon.
  • Polyester carpet has a huge variety of color and look. They are the best luxurious carpets available.
  • These carpet fibers are suitable in low traffic area. Creates a beautiful and luxurious room which is rarely used.


Wool carpets are extremely durable. They are soil resistant. Extensively used for carpet making. Wool can also be blended with nylon to deliver a different variety of carpet flooring.
Due to its durable nature, this fiber is opted by a majority of people for their carpets.


The most inexpensive form to produce carpet yarns. These are less expensive than nylon and wool. Suited for light domestic use. The polypropylene is difficult to dye with the comparison to nylon and wool.


  • It is synthetic material. Although it suffers from various drawbacks, its looks and appeal resemble that of wool. It is washable yarn.
  • The look and appeal of carpet do not depend on the carpet fiber and the yarn used. It takes a whole new level of how the yarn is woven to manufacture the carpet.

carpet-fibers-infographicsThe carpets manufactured for industrial purpose differ from those manufactured for the residential use. The style of maintenance, use, the amount of traffic in the room, etc. are factors that determine the best carpet that is suitable for you.

Another important factor that affects the style and durability of the carpet and ultimately your carpet flooring are carpet construction.

The majority of residential carpets are manufactured as tufted carpet. The durability of the carpet depends on how well they are made. The quality, appearance, price, style and the stain resistance capacity all depends on how well they are set.

From the manufacturing point of view, the carpet fiber or yarns can be categorized by:

  • Woven
  • Needle felt
  • Knotted
  • Tufted

Majorly the carpets can be segregated by:


It refers to the tightness of the carpet fiber or yarn used in making the carpet packed together. This tightness confirms the quality of your carpet and how well it will perform on the flooring.
The denser the carpet, the better it’s performance.


Twist refers to how tightly the yarn has been twisted to spin a carpet. The twist gives the appeal of the carpet.
In a cut pile carpet, if the tight twist loosened the purpose is lost.

Needless to say, you should thoroughly check your household requirement properly to make the best choice. Check the purpose, use, style and the comfort you demand from the carpet flooring to deliver best results.

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