Resilient Flooring Options For Commercial Space

Are you considering switching your current flooring to resilient flooring? Is your current flooring shouting out its decade to everyone who visits your building/ office? Are you worried in choosing the right flooring that suits your commercial setting? To help you make in choosing the smart and right flooring for your commercial space, go through this post for a quick reference.

If the Commercial flooring is installed and fitted correctly, it creates an ideal look for visitors. You should consider some important aspects while selecting the best commercial flooring for your business such as foot traffic, Budget, durability and care & maintenance.

Here you can see the most popular types of commercial flooring include-

  • Carpet and carpet tile
  • vinyl flooring
  • Rubber flooring; and 
  • Wood flooring.

carpet-tiles-office-flooringCarpet or Carpet tile– Carpet or carpet tile is perfect for commercial applications as it acts as a sound insulator in corporate offices and hotels etc. But you should keep in mind that carpet gets stained quite often and may require protection over time. Same way installing carpet tiles provides suppleness as carpet does and can replace individually if gets damaged. Alike carpet, carpet tiles also comes in different colors, patterns and styles where you can select flooring that imitate the brand name and artistic look of your business.

commercial vinyl flooringVinyl Flooring– Style and affordable- Vinyl flooring is one of the most popular flooring type for commercial applications with high- traffic as it offers long- lasting performance such as retail stores, medium sized shopping malls and hospitals. Vinyl is scratch resistant and extremely durable, if installed correctly preferably by professionals. Regardless to resiliency, vinyl can also be elegant offering variety of designs, patterns and colors.

commercial rubber flooringRubber Flooring– Durable and Ease of Maintenance- Same like Vinyl, Rubber flooring is perfectly well-matched for high- traffic businesses such as restaurants, offices, air- ports and health care services. The advantages of rubber include its resiliency, water and stain resistant and importantly very simple and easy to care for. Rubber flooring is sound absorbent and slip resistant, also provides extreme comfort underfoot. In fact, it offers consistency in both construction and color. It offers myriad of colors and textures where it adds a unique style to your space.

commercial hardwood flooringWood Flooring– Traditional and ageless look- Wood always will be the first choice in flooring and never goes out of style as it elevates the look of any places like hotel hobbies, retail stores and offices. It is extremely durable, sturdy and simple to care for, making it a best option for commercial spaces that experience a lot of activity.

At times wood flooring can get dented due to moisture, in that case choosing a pre- finished floor can help in maintaining its look and appearance. By any chance if wood gets damaged, it can be often polished and refinished to refurbish the look of your flooring.

Ultimately, while selecting the best flooring for your commercial setting, consider these aspects such as foot traffic, budget and maintenance. Also, keep in mind that proper installation of your flooring will ensure the longer life span of your flooring, no matter what type you choose.

If you need commercial flooring that provides noise insulation and soft underfoot then nothing beats carpet or carpet tile. Looking for durable, resilient, low-maintenance commercial flooring? Then Vinyl flooring is probably best to choose. If you need something that resists to stains and abrasions then consider rubber flooring for your commercial application. At last but not least, for a classy and ageless look with great artistic appeal, wood flooring is your answer!

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