Restaurant Dining Area Flooring & Restaurant Kitchen Flooring

Every restaurant has its uniqueness that is created by its ambiance and aura. Whether you own a restaurant or are thinking of starting a new one getting the perfect restaurant flooring material is the bull’s eye as it requires a lot of investment. Restaurant is a place that provides a soothing environment and enables your clients to relax and enjoy their meal.

It is very important the restaurant floor is spotless and shining clean to generate a tremendous first impression. Olden day’s glue-down floor tiles were used which were happily accommodating dirt, crumbs of food and bacteria. In the modern days these tiles are not alluring any more shoppers because of the excess baggage they come with. Modern day restaurants are more appealing as they are conducive for a good appetite.

Functionality of the Flooring Material

Restaurant Flooring

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Functionality of the flooring material is very important in a restaurant. Functionality includes that the floor needs to be easy to clean, durable, completely resistant to moisture and be able to withstand high foot traffic from both the staff and clients. Laminate, vinyl and stone flooring would answer best to all these queries.

There are mainly 5 important factors to consider for restaurant flooring

  • Artistic taste
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comfortable for the customers, chefs and servers
  • Easy to move around furniture
  • Sound reduction

These features are readily available in hardwood, vinyl and laminate. Every restaurant has different requirements based on its location. Whether it is a fine dining area or a sea side joint the choice of flooring adds an innate visual appeal to it. It is very common for drinks and food to spill in a restaurant. It is very important to install a material that is convenient to clean on a regular basis and should be able to withstand damages caused by stains and spills.

Restaurants can be broadly divided into dining area and the kitchen area.

Restaurant Dining Area Flooring

restaurant dining room flooring

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Dining area is the main place where your customers would love to have a comfortable place to enjoy their meal and spend quality time. Laminate and hardwood are the best options to be installed in the dining area as they present a wonderful aesthetic visual appeal and are extremely durable along with longevity.

  • Hardwood– This flooring material is the perfect option to set the mood for your restaurant. Hardwood flooring gives a regal look apart from being extremely sturdy and durable. It can sustain damages caused by scratches, liquid spills, and food spills. The only drawback of installing hardwood flooring is that is very expensive. However, though it is expensive it is an excellent investment option as it gives back value for your money.
  • Laminate– This flooring material is ideal for use in high foot traffic areas as it is resistant to scratches, stains and moisture. Laminate flooring mirrors the appearance of wood, stone and tile thereby giving your restaurant flooring the look of wood, stone or tile at an affordable price. However, though laminate is less expensive compared to other flooring material its repair costs are very expensive as it cannot be repaired in case of damage it needs to be replaced.

Restaurant Kitchen Flooring

restaurant kitchen flooring

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A latest trend in restaurants is an open kitchen that allows customers to see the chefs cooking their food. Few restaurants even give their clients the pleasure to walk around the kitchen before they make it to their table. This is an amazing idea as it gives a sneak peek into your kitchen thereby allowing customers to judge the cleanliness. This technique enables customers to take notice of the floor that is maintained spotless and the floor surface is treated to an anti slip coat to prevent slips and falls. Vinyl is an ideal flooring material to be installed in restaurant kitchens.

  • Vinyl – Vinyl is the favorite material to be installed in many kitchens as it very durable and is available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and designs. It is extremely resistant to moisture and is ideal for areas where there are frequent spills. It also provides a comfortable feeling under the foot especially in the kitchen where your staff has to stand and work for hours. Vinyl plank flooring tends to fade when exposed to direct sunlight and can be damaged by sharp objects.

Please do let us know through our comments page the flooring material that ornate your restaurant. 

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