[Room decoration tips] with luxury vinyl flooring types

Vinyl tiles are perfect for creating luxurious styles. Luxury vinyl floorings are popular because they mimic beautiful wood and stone patterns. They are durable and easier to maintain compared to actual hardwood or stone flooring. Because they are easy to maintain, luxury vinyl tiles are commonly used in high traffic areas.

Luxury vinyl tiles can be installed quickly and are easy to maintain. This is a huge advantage over real hardwood and stone flooring because hardwood flooring and stone flooring stains much easier and are more costly to fix. Luxury vinyl tiles only require light mopping once a week.

Luxury vinyl floorings provide customers the ultimate freedom to create a custom flooring experience. There are numerous colors, patterns, and textures to choose from. You can even mix and match different styles to create your own look.

Luxury vinyl floorings come in various types of material like:

– Vinyl sheets

Vinyl sheets are specially made to be visually appealing. Vinyl sheets look perfect after installation and are very easy to install. Vinyl sheets are ideal for moisture-prone areas. They work well in bathrooms and kitchens because they do not retain water and are also slip-resistant.Room-decoration-tips-with-luxury-vinyl-flooring-infographic

– Vinyl planks

For people who want durability along with a touch of wood, this is the right choice. Vinyl planks create a wooden pattern which replicates hardwood. Each plank is different from the other, no plank designs repeat themselves. You will see a new pattern in each plank. Vinyl planks go well in rooms where you want a natural touch. Install these to enjoy the natural warmth of any space.

– Vinyl tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles resemble natural stone floors. They look beautiful because the prints are crystal clear. Vinyl tiles are easy to install and maintain. Dirt and debris cannot collect on it like carpet flooring, which makes it a hygienic option as well.

Some new vinyl flooring styles are:

1. Inlaid vinyl

Inlaid vinyl is nothing but an added feature to luxury vinyl sheets. To make luxury vinyl sheets more attractive, colored granules are added to it. They are visible when examined carefully. You can add varying color to your sheets to make floors more attractive and dynamic.

2. Printed vinyl

This is one of the most popular flooring options available right now. Different colors, patterns or textures are printed onto vinyl flooring. One of the best advantages of this flooring is that it can be made to look luxurious and expensive with the right choice of colors and patterns.

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