Rubber Flooring the Most Versatile Flooring Option

Rubber flooring is considered as one of the best flooring in today’s market. Why? Due to its unmatched versatility. Yes, apart from having many other advantages, rubber had earned its special name because it has come to become so versatile in its use and has become popular for their use in commercial spaces.

Rubber floors can be installed in places from playgrounds to gyms to garages. They are available in a number of designs and colors from a kid’s choice to an adult’s choice. Rubber floors never retain any dirt or grease. They are also resistant to any kind of scratches and dents unlike other floors, thus making maintenance super easy.

Environmentally, it is the most viable choice. It does not include any harmful material. It is good for not just commercial, but also for domestic floors. Rubber in itself comes with an anti-skid property, which makes the floor very safe for bathrooms. It is an ideal choice for courts or gyms where people move fast or even play areas where kids have a high chance of falling or hurting themselves on concrete floors.

Rubber FlooringAnother feature of this floor which contributes to its versatility is that it provides a cushioning effect. It is very comfortable to walk on and does not hurt the heel or the feet. It is preferred in shopping centers and fitness centers where people tend to stand for long hours.

Rubber has many versatile floor coverings. It comes in many types such as astro-turf, interlocking type etc. The latter is most preferred for gyms. Different types are designed for different kinds of environment and use. Hence it is not just different designs in terms of appearance but also the product itself that makes this rubber flooring a versatile option.

Rubber rolls are sometimes preferred over rubber tiles. They are easier to install and are less risky in terms of gaps between the tiles. Rubber used to have a peculiar smell to it which used to put people off. But the newer versions of rubber are absolutely odor-free. Along with the looks, rubber has also done well in other areas.

Rubber flooring is also a comparatively cheaper option for commercial uses. It is easy to install and saves the owner a lot of hassle. It has a very long shelf life. It is resistant to almost anything from oil to fire and hence is a useful investment especially in airports and stations. They are also widely used in vehicles as floor mats due to their durability.

It also absorbs sounds, which is one characteristic that makes it stand out the most from other floors. When installed, it makes a high-noise area relatively quiet. It is best for outdoor installations as it is resistant to heat and sunlight. It almost never fades or tears and can be used for years without being replaced. It can also be recycled, which is what makes it most environment-friendly unlike other floors.

Thus, rubber floors are the most versatile floors that you could find. Eco and people-friendly, what could do better!

Rubber Flooring the Most Versatile Flooring Option was last modified: September 7th, 2015 by Express Flooring