Rugs for Outdoor Ambiance – Usage and Maintenance Tips

Rugs are made of polypropylene synthetic material. They come in different dimensions, size and standards. Rugs are generally floor coverings less in size than that of carpets. Rugs boost any expanse it is used. Apart from indoors, rugs can also be used to emboss the exquisiteness of outdoor environments. Now you must be thinking how to pick a good quality rug for your outdoors. What is the difference between outdoor and indoor rugs?

Rugs for Outdoor Ambiance

Indoor and Outdoor Rugs

Until the past few years there was no difference observed between outdoor and indoor rugs. But increasing usage and advanced technology in manufacturing rugs, outdoor and indoor rugs differ in quality and texture. Indoor rugs tend to be softer and less durable. An outdoor rug has thick fiber and durable as they have to with stand harsh climatic conditions. Outdoor rugs are generally made from natural fibers like jute, hemp, bamboo which are highly durable and a little bit expensive. These outdoor rugs can also be used in indoors, the areas with high traffic.

Rug for Outdoors

Picking outdoor rug is easy just by considering few aspects. Outdoor rugs must be treated with UV resistant and moisture resistant treatments as they tend to get exposed to the changing weather conditions continuously. In the long run, due to exposure to sunlight these rugs may lose their original charm making them unappealing. If the rugs are not moisture resistant there is a chance of formation of molds and mildews. Hence this advanced treatment allows the rug to last long with their poise and serenity.

Rug Shapes and Sizes

Rugs come in different shapes and sizes. You may not assume that the rugs are always in rectangular or square shape, it may also come in round or oval shape. Both indoor and outdoor rugs come in these categories. An outdoor rug help you use the space by extending from your living room to your outdoor yard.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for Rugs

Outdoor or indoors – rugs need a regular cleaning for better maintenance and ambiance.

  • Never rub surface pile of a rug for any spillage. Use absorbent cloth or white paper towel or spatula to remove the excess spillage. Try not to over spread.
  • Regular vacuuming could make the rug dust resistant.
  • Cleaning the rug with cleaning agents from an authorized rug cleaning company would remove the dirt and dust piled up on the surface.
  • Before using any cleaning agents directly, sample try a small area of the rug to check if the rug is resistant to the chemical or not.
  • Avoid your rug getting dirty by placing door mats or barrier mats at the entrance.
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