Spooked by Flooring Nightmares? Causes & Cures for Common Catastrophes

The fickle Arizona weather can wreak seasonal havoc on flooring. Floor damage is no laughing matter, but forewarned really is forearmed when it comes to floor defense, floor protection, and floor replacement.

The Arizona climate and geography influence flooring needs. Changes in heat and temperature affects the security of floor barriers and the durability of flooring materials. Changes in humidity and temperature can also foster the growth of unwelcome flooring guests such as mold and bacteria.

Flooring for Arizona Homes

‘Tis the season to take courage and evaluate your flooring situation. No matter how spooky your Arizona flooring nightmare appears, there are cures for common floor catastrophes.

Common Causes of Arizona Flooring Damage

Common Arizona flooring catastrophes that might give your family and your pocketbook the spooky chills range from storm damage to pestilence.

According to the National Weather Service, 2017 was the hottest year on record for Arizona. Extreme temperatures along with extreme heat and excessive moisture according to season make Arizona flooring needs unique.

Floor Damage

During dry months, flooring can experience cracking and even breakage as their key components contract. Wet months and some air conditioning systems leave floors vulnerable to molds and mildews.

Creepy critters can also cause flooring catastrophes by compromising not only the comfort of your own, but also the structural integrity of your flooring and support structures. Infestations by mildews and microbes can cause health problems for many people, including respiratory distress.

Take heart! There are many options for floor protection, and floor replacement can be a delightful and charming experience.

Transform Flooring Fears Into Readiness

Whether your flooring needs protection, repair or replacement, having a plan of action and a professional opinion can make all the difference in your confidence, your comfort and the pride you take in the beauty of your home.

Laminate flooring and carpet flooring will require routine replacement every few years, as well as after catastrophes like floods.

Carpet Flooring damage

Hardwood is an investment in longer term flooring that is known to be more resilient in extreme weather. Antique hardwood floors are often beloved enough that home owners seek creative ways to protect, preserve and showcase their longevity.

Antimicrobial flooring is a modern, innovative and healing flooring solution to combat microbes, fungi, mildew and bacteria. Antimicrobial floors are often made of epoxy, urethane or polyurethane.

Antimicrobial Flooring

A polyurethane coating can also be placed over flooring made of other materials such as concrete or wood to create a seamless, hygienic surface that protects the underfloor and your health.

Antimicrobial flooring is ideal for homes, businesses, offices, hospitals and schools. For people with allergies, small children or pets, flooring that offers health benefits as well as beauty and durability is a must.

Schedule an In-Home Appointment to Assess Your Flooring Needs

Household nightmares can often be averted with an early flooring assessment. Our Arizona based flooring experts are all licensed contractors that have the expertise to advise you on how to proceed with flooring upgrades, repairs or replacement.

Our design consultants come to your location to show you the best options for flooring. We know the wild beauty of Arizona can take its toll on your floors, but it doesn’t have to!

Contact us today to choose a creative flooring option that will transform and revitalize your space.

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