Staining Your Concrete? – Wait! Don’t Forget to Prep

Those who know how beautiful stained concrete floors look and how easily they can be maintained are often enthusiastic to rip off those rugs and expose the floor beneath. Staining your concrete flooring is a very viable option. It also saves you the trouble of ever having to change or cleaning your carpets, which can be quite a task. Before staining, concrete floor cleaning is a mandatory step. Many people hire acid stain cleaning services for this purpose. However, you can save a lot of money by doing it on your own. Here is a guide on how to DIY.

Stain Coincrete FloorsStep by Step Procedure to Prepare Floors:

Floor prep is extremely vital. Why? Because any particle that remains on the floor affects the penetration of the stain. The acid needs to react with the lime content in the concrete. The presence of anything greasy or even oily will restrict this staining process. Curing membranes are another element that may cause your stain to have water like spots. 

This gives it a very uneven and a rather unfinished look. And once it’s done, it’s hard to rectify. Unlike paint, acid stains are transparent. Anything that you don’t clean, will glare back at you right through those transparent stains. Acid etching before staining is another no-no.

For starters, make sure your concrete has rested for at least 30 days. Look for all the stains and dirt to be removed. By sprinkling a few drops of water, you can also figure out if the floor has a sealer already. Gather all you will need, and make sure your have enough protective gear for your eyes and mouth as the fumes of some of these substances can be hazardous.

Make the area restricted for safety purposes and also to prevent any further dust from entering. You could sweep or vacuum the area in order to remove any dry or loose particles. You can also use a sealer remover to remove the already existing layer, if any. This might also help in removing the oil and grease stains.

Next you need to scrub. You can use a rotary scrubbing machine for this. Make sure you have a vacuum near you. Suck up all the water and slur immediately don’t let the slurry dry out. Again, this will make the staining uneven. If you have used a sealer remover, also use a degreaser to remove any residue left by it. Sometimes, for a few stubborn stains, you might also need to resort to physical methods such as grinding. But do this carefully, without removing layers or pieces from your concrete floors.

Once you’ve completed all the steps mentioned above, it’s time to mop. Use a lot of clean water, generously. Even more recommended is an industrial wet vacuum, if you have one. Let the water dry out before proceeding to acid stain.

Floor prep is the framework on which the success of your acid staining depends. If you’ve done this right, you’ve already won half the battle!

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