Stranded Bamboo Flooring – A New Weave in Flooring

In recent times, Bamboo floors have become more and more popular as a flooring option. This flooring can be adapted to any decorating style as it provides a very different look to your home. Bamboo flooring is strong and has a chic look. Because of that, it has become an option when choosing for flooring. It brings a natural look to your home and can be used with any décor.

Bamboo is highly fibrous as it made up of grass and not wood. Two types of bamboo flooring, in the ordinary kind they cover these fibers one on top of the other and the second one is the strand method, where they actually weave these fibers with the help of adhesive base which makes it a stronger material. Its strength makes it very resilient.

The cost of the strand woven bamboo flooring is higher by 50% when compared to other kinds of bamboo flooring.

Stranded Bamboo Flooring

Stranded Bamboo Flooring

Benefits of installing stranded bamboo at your home:

Durability: Stranded bamboo is considered the strongest kind in the bamboo flooring family, and much stronger than the oak flooring itself. This makes it a good choice of flooring in busy areas. The bamboo strands are pressed together to form blocks under high pressure. This in turn is sawn into flooring planks.

Beauty: Stranded bamboo offers a wide range of colors and variety of styles which will be an eye catcher to many of your guests. The stranded bamboo is strong as well as attractive flooring which will keep you satisfied for years to come.

Sustainability: The best part of bamboo flooring is it naturally regenerates itself, and it is done very quickly. This is a resource that is easily restorable. Harvest time for bamboo is about 5 years minimum and 7 years maximum.

Ease of installation: stranded bamboo flooring is a great choice considering how easy it is to install it. It is a painless process as it uses a technology called the “Unilic”; this is a locking system without any adhesives.

Eco-friendly: Stranded bamboo flooring is considered an Eco-friendly flooring as it follows a unique process when compared to other kinds of bamboo flooring. For this flooring they use adhesives that do not harm the environment, they use the whole stalk and there is no wastage. The adhesives used help in better air quality compared to the ones used in hardwoods.

Strand woven bamboo flooring is not made by any kind of bamboo; they use a specific species called the “MOSO” which is considered the best for stranded bamboo flooring.

Choosing stranded bamboo flooring for your home is the best idea as it is extremely practical, strong, reasonably priced, gives a very elegant look and blends well with any décor. Moreover, it is very easy to clean this flooring type as dust dirt and allergens do not get trapped.

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