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Exotic Wood Flooring Types – Part II – Pros and Cons

Exotic woods are the preferential choice for their natural aura to your homes. Because of its pleasant appearance exotic woods have always been one of the top flooring types. Last week in the first part exotic wood flooring types we covered Ash wood, Oak wood, Maple wood, and Mahogany wood. Here is the list of few more attention grabbing exotic wood species. Continue reading

Exotic Wood Flooring Types – Pros and Cons – Part I

Exotic Solid Wood Flooring

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Exotic woods augment a classy glimpse to a conventional home and modish gaze to a contemporary home. These are old but sturdy in nature and highly sustainable. Exotic wood can complement the allure of the air of any expanse they are laid. Using exotic wood flooring for your homes can increase the price value of your homes. People are generally cynical about the expenditure on hardwood flooring and prefer other flooring options to cut their budgets. But the fact is hardwood is not of one variety it has many options that could comes with a reasonable price (which could be still a bit expensive than other flooring types).  Continue reading