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Exotic Wood Flooring Types – Part II – Pros and Cons

Exotic woods are the preferential choice for their natural aura to your homes. Because of its pleasant appearance exotic woods have always been one of the top flooring types. Last week in the first part exotic wood flooring types we covered Ash wood, Oak wood, Maple wood, and Mahogany wood. Here is the list of few more attention grabbing exotic wood species. Continue reading

Summer Flooring – Finest Flooring Options for Summer

Have you planned your flooring for your seasonal changes? Planning your flooring is not only to increase the radiance of your home, but also to withstand the harsh weather conditions. In winters, the flooring can be covered with rugs and carpets to fight the extreme cold conditions. In summers the floors get heated up quickly and carpets and rugs are definitely not the right option. Hence picking right flooring can help dealing the summers with no extra expenses.

Summer Flooring Continue reading

Carbonized Bamboo Flooring – Types, Pros and Cons

What is Carbonized Bamboo Flooring?

Bamboo flooring is a renowned naturally produced material. The initial color of bamboo is light (blonde shade) as it is a grass and not a wood type. The carbonized bamboo comes in deeper timber shades when it is steamed or boiled. This process is called “Carbonization”. The different types of color shades are produced by heating the bamboo for longer and shorter duration. These bamboo shades are visually attractive and add a great deal of aesthetic ambiance to any coordinate.

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Bamboo Flooring – Properties, Pros and Cons

Bamboo flooring is the most attractive flooring alternative among the others and its physical attributes resemble that of real hardwood. Bamboo has become a style statement in flooring with its durability, elegant gaze and Eco-friendly properties. Bamboo flooring is a resourceful variety as it is the fastest growing plant with rich supplies all over the world. Bamboo is the right flooring option for any room except bathroom, and kitchens.

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Hardwood for Outdoors – Why is it a Bad Option?

Outdoors are generally aesthetic and the space is savored for tea breaks, get together or to relish the beauty of the surroundings, completely recreational. Unlike the indoor, the planning of outdoor flooring and decor should be done carefully. Outdoors is generally prone to high changing weather conditions and maintenance is difficult. While planning the flooring for outdoor the keen aspects to be considered is: Continue reading

Living Room Flooring Options

Living rooms are the major attraction of the house. Its visible allure is the choice, interest and taste that stand a grid for your style and comfort. It may serve wide range of purpose depending on your requirement, but planning its appeal is the most challenging aspect. From the choice of flooring, furniture, decoration every minute detail counts to give an impressive look.

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How to Quiet down Hardwood Flooring Squeaks

Hardwood is one of the most favored flooring materials. But many don’t like the squeaky sounds that come from these floors. The reason behind squeaks from your wooden flooring is due to floorboards rubbing against each other. This sound usually occurs either due to improper installation or longevity of the flooring. It is advised to spread graphite in between the squeaky boards to reduce the noise by lubricating them. If this technique does not work, it is recommended to drive through nails into the flooring surface to prevent the boards from rubbing and quiet down the hardwood flooring. Continue reading

Latest Flooring Trends [2019] – Flooring Styles in Vogue

Today’s homes and offices are stepping out in style with stylish and modern floors that range from bamboo, cork, linoleum, to recycled glass. Modern customers are looking for a flooring material that is easy to maintain, effortless to clean, durable and long lasting for their homes or offices.

Now a days, all of us have a busy schedule, so it is advised to get a practical flooring material that can stand the test of time. We have a range of flooring materials available to us that are practical, in vogue and luxurious. Customers now days are more inclined to Eco friendly flooring materials in order to ensure a safe and healthy environment. Few of the nature friendly flooring materials are: Continue reading

Pet Friendly Flooring Options – Phoenix & Tucson

For a home with pets constructing a new home or refurbishing your existing home is a difficult task. Choosing the right flooring material is a tough choice because the flooring material you install should not only be able to take the impact of high foot traffic but also take the impact of pets running around and playing in your home. Continue reading