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Tile Flooring – Which Options Suits Your Budget?

Of all the surfaces, the walkway surface is the most common and is often referred as a base surface. Any flooring that covers our walkway gives our premises (Office or Home) an elegant look. In today’s market, usually people take much time and care of their flooring and spend lots of money on flooring. But spending money does not give you satisfaction, a good idea and a particular choice brings the magic.  Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Brick Flooring- Preferably for outdoor applications

Brick flooring– Brick is one of the most common and basic elements, it can be used virtually in every surface of a building and provides designers a wide range of decorative choices and options to any home. When it is used for a flooring surface, brick faces particular confronts, handling various levels of up’s and downs. But if maintained properly, it can last for ages to come. Brick flooring is preferably installed for outdoor applications due to its durability and long lasting characteristics and comparatively inexpensive, but is almost a brilliant choice for the environments that are exposed to extreme winds, sunlight and humidity. Continue reading

Pet Friendly Living Room Flooring Options

Pets can bring a completely new element of love and affection to one’s life, at the same time can also bring some chances of risk to your floors. Pets can be little tough to handle on some types of flooring. The impact of your pets reduces the span of your flooring and this can be a major defect due to constant wear of nails clacking, scratching, and the threat of pet accidents leaving permanent horrid unclean stains on the floor. This is particularly true in living rooms that tend to be open areas to pets and people too. Continue reading