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Garage Flooring Options – Top 5 Recommended Options

A person hardly recognizes the flooring importance for garages. Flooring of garage generally undergoes high pressure due to the heavy vehicle movements. The floors get stained easily making the entire surroundings look unattractive. Planning for garage flooring is as important as planning flooring for your home. You can utilize garage as another room in your home. Not all flooring options available in market are suitable for garages. Resilient, hard and durable flooring that can withstand any weather and resistant to stains is recommended for garages as flooring options.

Garage Flooring Options Epoxy

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Polished Concrete Floors Pros and Cons

A polished concrete floor has become one of the ideal flooring types among the others for their environmental friendly nature, cost effectiveness and durability. Polished concrete flooring is pliable and phenomenal for domestic and commercial areas. Concrete flooring is been a sub flooring material for a long time. You would be surprised to know that polished concrete floors mimic the impression of other flooring types like marble. The finish that is obtained after polishing the concrete, offers great resistance to any damage more than any other flooring could put forward. Polished concrete floors can with stand significant amount of pressure without any huffs and tuffs. Let us look into the detail pros and cons for having a polished concrete flooring.

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Commercial Concrete Flooring – Characteristics

When we think of flooring the image that crosses our mind is a lustrous floor with brilliant texture, magnificent designs and a pleasant finish. A hardwood, bamboo or stone flooring which way is your imagination running! Look for concrete floors as they are nowhere less than the other flooring types. Commercial concrete flooring is also ranked now as one of the preeminent commercial flooring types among the other options available in market. The benefits of commercial concrete floors are tremendous, that could be reason why installers and salesmen are promoting this product.

Commercial Concrete Flooring

Commercial areas like restaurants, supermarkets, shopping complexes, hotels, etc experience heavy foot traffic hence flooring must be hard enough to sustain for longer duration. Commercial floors need a routine cleaning and maintenance to keep them slip resistant. Concrete flooring in commercial areas has many benefits and could be worthy choice for homes too. Continue reading

Epoxy Stone Flooring Installation, Maintenance, Pros and Cons

If you have a stone flooring, that is damaged or you willing to go for renovation. Here is the answer to your doubts. Epoxy stone flooring is a tool to rebuild your floor by covering or replacing it. Epoxy stone floors are long lasting, durable and easy to install. Epoxy stone flooring is highly attractive resistant to stains with long-lasting wear.

Epoxy Meaning

It is plastic material used to glue the marbles, pebbles or slate etc together that gets tighten when comes in contact with air. Using epoxy flooring you can hide the flaws of the existing flooring making it much more visually vibrant.

Epoxy flooring installation generally takes 12-13 hours time and for 24-26 hours the flooring should not be disturbed to gain the complete look and potency. The total average cost for having an epoxy stone flooring lies in between 2$-5$ per square foot. The price may vary depending on the location and amount of customization work involved with the flooring. Epoxy stone flooring is one of the favorite flooring options for porches, basements, garages, pool decks, laundry rooms, walkways etc. Continue reading

Hardwood for Outdoors – Why is it a Bad Option?

Outdoors are generally aesthetic and the space is savored for tea breaks, get together or to relish the beauty of the surroundings, completely recreational. Unlike the indoor, the planning of outdoor flooring and decor should be done carefully. Outdoors is generally prone to high changing weather conditions and maintenance is difficult. While planning the flooring for outdoor the keen aspects to be considered is: Continue reading

Concrete Flooring Pros and Cons

Concrete is one flooring material that has numerous advantages that will benefit both the user and the manufacturer. The user or the client is benefited as it gives your home or office an exquisite and magnificent look. The manufacturer is benefited as more clients would opt for concrete flooring to get the desired look for their home or office. Though concrete has a few disadvantages, they have taken a back seat as the advantages are more attractive and many. It is very important to consider the pros and cons of concrete, before installing it to be completely satisfied with the material.

Concrete Flooring

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Bathroom Flooring Options in Phoenix, AZ

bathroom flooring optionsGetting a sparkling bathroom not only depends on the amenities in it but also on the flooring material that is used. Choosing the perfect flooring material can be a crucial decision as it adds to the visual appeal of your bathroom. It is very important to first decide on the theme of your bathroom and the furniture that will be in it to avoid accidents or falls.

Bathroom flooring options include vinyl, tile, cork, glass, linoleum and laminate. Though vinyl and tile is the most commonly used flooring material that is more practical, customers are also inclined to trying cork, stone and glass which are other materials available in the market. We have a quick guide with specifications to help you determine the perfect flooring for your bathroom. Continue reading