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5 Most Powerful Ways to Clean Tiles & Grout Naturally

Bathroom and kitchen become very dirty because of grubby grout and appears far older than its original age. Most importantly it also harbors mold and mildew and causes many health problems. This is the reason why this tile and grout cleaning should be done very frequently. Continue reading

How To Remove Hard Stains On Your Tile Flooring?

Flooring tiles are long lasting, comfortable, durable and easy to clean. Unfortunately, everyday wear and tear on your tiles can cause stubborn stains, making it difficult to remove. Busy homeowners and working professionals may not have enough time to sweep or mop the floor daily. If lacking maintenance has left you with set- in hard stains on your beautiful tile flooring, follow these simple directions to remove stains and help preserve its aesthetics and durability. Continue reading

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Ideas

Tile is an incredible flooring choice for virtually to any room and easy to maintain and highly durable. However one of the worst elements of having a good-looking tile floor, are the dark nasty mildew stains often occur in grout lines in bath rooms and any other wet environments. Just like carpets tile floors get dirt from the daily wear and tear of life. It’s messy, uncomfortable and unfeasible to get the deep clean results. This is because of grout as it is porous, collects dirt, grime, spills and often discolors the surface.

But common household products can be used to tackle dirty grout. For cleaning tile grout, don’t rush to store for all those cleaning agents just look into your kitchen closets where you can have plenty options at your home for cleaning tile grout. Continue reading