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Best types of Flooring for a Restaurant or Bar (Ultimate Guide 2019)

If you own a bar or restaurant, then you know how important the right flooring is. From easy maintenance to longevity, it’s an investment that is crucial to your profits. Flooring for the “Front Of House” is just as crucial as flooring for “Back of House”.

By the way, extra points for you if you can identify the local restaurants in the images.

Here is a guide to the best types of commercial restaurant flooring or bar flooring so you can make an informed decision.

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Stone Flooring Secrets & Tips From the Pros: Look Like You Paid More

Want natural stone flooring with irregular pieces like the styles you’ve seen in Better Homes & Gardens? Having stone flooring shouldn’t break the bank and with all kinds of ways to have the best looks in stone flooring for indoor and outdoor spaces, use these tips and secrets from expert designers and floor installers to get the perfect look. Continue reading

Tile Flooring – Which Options Suits Your Budget?

Of all the surfaces, the walkway surface is the most common and is often referred as a base surface. Any flooring that covers our walkway gives our premises (Office or Home) an elegant look. In today’s market, usually people take much time and care of their flooring and spend lots of money on flooring. But spending money does not give you satisfaction, a good idea and a particular choice brings the magic.  Continue reading

The [Pros and Cons] of Various Types of Flooring- Part II

As we all know, flooring is the principle element to choose while designing a new home or office. What you should look for while laying a new floor? Picking right floor for your home isn’t easy. You need to consider few aspects like maintenance, durability, foot traffic and how the particular flooring will make the room look and feel. So, other day we have gone through the first part of The pros and cons of various types of flooring, were we covered carpet, floating wood tile, ceramic tile or porcelain tile, hardwood and engineered wood. Now, we have outlined few more capturing types in flooring with pros and cons. Continue reading

Pet Friendly Living Room Flooring Options

Pets can bring a completely new element of love and affection to one’s life, at the same time can also bring some chances of risk to your floors. Pets can be little tough to handle on some types of flooring. The impact of your pets reduces the span of your flooring and this can be a major defect due to constant wear of nails clacking, scratching, and the threat of pet accidents leaving permanent horrid unclean stains on the floor. This is particularly true in living rooms that tend to be open areas to pets and people too. Continue reading

Carpet Or Hard-Surface Flooring, Compare???

Choosing between carpet and hard surfaces at times is little over-whelming? They both have their own benefits to choose – With the categories of Carpet and Hard surface floorings- it has always been a flip coin decision to make an easy pick.  However, a little research could help you make a better choice.

Below you can see the differences of the types of flooring where you can choose the right one:

Carpet Flooring: No other material looks like it- carpet is a principal choice and functional element in a home or business. Good carpeting adds suppleness to a room and also adds striking decor for flooring and walls. Continue reading

Important Consideration for Slate Tile Flooring

Slate- is a natural stone in the family of metamorphic rocks, which consists of quartz, mica, chlorite and also calcite. Many people today opt for slate flooring, as it is extremely durable and long- lasting floor surface. It resist to chipping and cracking as well with little care. Unlike other natural stone tiles, slate tile flooring resist damage from acidic substances such as soda, tea and wine as the ceramic does. A major consideration in installing slate tile is heavy in weight. Slate is valued for its natural beauty and is more expensive than ceramic tile. Properly installed slate flooring makes dependable flooring.beautiful-tile-floor-overland-park-by-archadeck slate Continue reading

Garage Flooring Options – Top 5 Recommended Options

A person hardly recognizes the flooring importance for garages. Flooring of garage generally undergoes high pressure due to the heavy vehicle movements. The floors get stained easily making the entire surroundings look unattractive. Planning for garage flooring is as important as planning flooring for your home. You can utilize garage as another room in your home. Not all flooring options available in market are suitable for garages. Resilient, hard and durable flooring that can withstand any weather and resistant to stains is recommended for garages as flooring options.

Garage Flooring Options Epoxy

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Pros and Cons of Granite Flooring (Updated)

Have you been thinking about upgrading your current floor to one that uses granite tiling? If so, then you probably want to know more about granite flooring advantages and disadvantages. After all, you can’t make an informed decision until you’ve learned about the pros and cons of granite tile. Continue reading