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Vinyl Flooring Options – Choosing the Right Type for Your Home

Made from a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers, this modern flooring known as vinyl is often used for high traffic areas where its durability is gladly welcomed. Vinyl flooring is flexible, versatile, and can be made in a variation of colors and patterns. It is a fairly more affordable option than other flooring options.

Vinyl Flooring with Family

To choose the right vinyl look for your home we have two options: Inlaid and Printed.

  • Inlaid vinyl refers to when color granules are embedded into the vinyl sheet. This gives the vinyl a deeper look and provides the option for many colors. When examined closely, speaks of varying shades can be seen, which create the overall hue.

Inlaid vinyl flooring

  • Printed vinyl is just the same as it sounds; a pattern or color is printed directly onto the vinyl. This type of vinyl flooring is very popular and looks very beautiful which makes it the first choice for homes. Because of the nature of printed vinyl, it can be made to look like other, more expensive, flooring.

Printed vinyl flooring


Homeowners can achieve the look of hardwood or marble flooring, even if it isn’t in their budget.

All features may not be found in both sheet and tile goods. Quality features for vinyl include: “no wax surfaces,” degree of gloss and surface texture, recovery capabilities, whether sunlight protected, underfoot comfort, and the thickness of the top wear layer.

Like most flooring, vinyl can come in different sizes and shapes to better fit the look of the room. Flooring can be made as per the requirement like sheets, tiles, or planks.

  • Sheet Vinyl – Vinyl sheet flooring is a single roll of flooring usually 6 to 12 feet wide. Vinyl sheet limits the number of seams and is also great for high-moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

Vinyl flooring is also offered with three different types of wear surfaces:

  1. Vinyl No-Wax
  2. Urethane
  3. Enhanced Urethane
  • Vinyl Tiles – Tiles are great when vinyl is made to look like marble or other classically tiled flooring. It can be relatively easy to install and creates a cohesive look in a new room. One of the benefits of having individual tiles is that they’re easier to replace when one is damaged. You can also use vinyl tiles to arrange a pattern.

vinyl sheet, vinyl plank, and vinyl tiles flooring

  • Vinyl Plank – Planks are ideal for vinyl flooring that is made to look like hardwood, as it imitates how wood flooring is cut. Vinyl planks also provide more stain resistance and durability than traditional hardwood planks.

How to Choose Vinyl Planks:

Vinyl Plank flooring is often the most trusted and used flooring in the US. Vinyl plank floor is nothing but a simple engineered floor covering design which is used to mimic the look of the classic and real wood. When you are about to choose your vinyl flooring you’ll have to follow some measure to ensure you choose perfect vinyl planks for your flooring.

Follow the below steps to choose vinyl planks for your home.

Choose perfect Thickness of vinyl planks:

Usually, vinyl planks come with different thickness options such as 2-3mm, 3-5mm, and more. You have to be sharper in selecting the best vinyl plank.

So, always make sure you check out for perfect thickness and opt for planks between 3.2-4.0mm because these are the most common types of flooring which can upstand for high traffic areas. This thickness is also good for durability and affordability as well.

Beautiful vinyl plank flooring

Compare and select wear layers:

In general, you will find lots of wear layers. So, compare and choose the best wear layers for your home. If you are going for affordable wear layer then select a vinyl no-wax top coat its the most affordable layer.

Also, pick an enhanced urethane coating for your vinyl to withstand for longer periods. This helps your flooring to be more durable than other options as well. You can even try to install a choose wear layer of 10 mil or other aspects. In case, if you want to opt for 20 mil wear then you should consider that for residential areas only.

Color and width:

Finally, after choosing the best wear layers and thickness, you have to select the perfect color and width for it. By selecting the perfect width and color which suits your flooring. Usually, printed vinyl flooring is more affordable and it is covered with a clear coat. So, if you are opting for real affordable flooring then check this option or else try out other alternatives.

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