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Cost Effective Flooring Options to Choose in 2018 (Pros & Cons)

There are many different flooring options that are used commonly in homes today, and most of them will work well even if you don’t have a huge budget to work with. No matter what type of room you want to re-floor in your home, there is likely a good solid flooring solution for you to rely on. Before paying for the materials and the flooring installation, take the time to get to know the most popular flooring solutions and to find out which is the right one for your own needs. Continue reading

Vinyl Flooring Benefits Over Other Flooring Types

Vinyl flooring is a great option as it has the capability to fit in perfectly for any decor and if you are looking for low cost flooring within a budget. Vinyl floors come in a range of styles; they are durable and are long lasting. Vinyl is highly resistant to scratches, stains and dents. There are three types of vinyl flooring available in the market, vinyl sheet, vinyl tile and luxury vinyl. Continue reading

Vinyl Flooring Uses – Why Vinyl is a Versatile Flooring Option? [Completed Guide]

There was a time when sturdiness of flooring was not quite an affordable option. And to décor your interiors with attractive floors to enhance the semblance is not a budget choice for very home owner. Among these confused choices, thanks to the advanced technology that made it possible to substitute these highly priced flooring options with the most resilient and inexpensive flooring types like vinyl flooring.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring Continue reading

Commercial Kitchen Flooring – Smart Options to Choose From

restaurant kitchen flooring

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Have you ever noticed the huge traffic that prevails in commercial kitchen areas? When it comes to a restaurant, hotel, fast food centers, coffee shops the customers are continuous round the clock. With the advancements in flooring types to their sturdiness, markets offer numerous varieties for your flooring needs. The flooring that has to find its way in kitchen areas must be picked carefully as it has to undergo various huff and tuffs from the time it has been installed. Continue reading

Vinyl Composite Tile Features, Pros and Cons

Vinyl flooring is resilient and sustainable, most common choice in the areas with high traffic. It is the most beautiful and flexible flooring type that comes in two varieties sheet vinyl flooring and vinyl composite tile. Vinyl Composite Tiles (VCT) are famous for its sturdiness and are highly preferred in commercial and institutional areas. This type of vinyl flooring is a recent advancement to enhance better performance in high pressure areas. These tiles are easy to install, can be refinished and replaced without much physical effort.

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Latest Flooring Trends [2019] – Flooring Styles in Vogue

Today’s homes and offices are stepping out in style with stylish and modern floors that range from bamboo, cork, linoleum, to recycled glass. Modern customers are looking for a flooring material that is easy to maintain, effortless to clean, durable and long lasting for their homes or offices.

Now a days, all of us have a busy schedule, so it is advised to get a practical flooring material that can stand the test of time. We have a range of flooring materials available to us that are practical, in vogue and luxurious. Customers now days are more inclined to Eco friendly flooring materials in order to ensure a safe and healthy environment. Few of the nature friendly flooring materials are: Continue reading

Pet Friendly Flooring Options – Phoenix & Tucson

For a home with pets constructing a new home or refurbishing your existing home is a difficult task. Choosing the right flooring material is a tough choice because the flooring material you install should not only be able to take the impact of high foot traffic but also take the impact of pets running around and playing in your home. We are going to shed some light on few flooring materials which would be ideal for your home with pets.

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Linoleum Flooring Pros and Cons

Linoleum Flooring Pros and Cons

Linoleum is a flooring material which is a combination of limestone, pine sawdust, pine rosin, powdered cork, linseed oil, and color pigments. It is made from pure organic elements and does not consist of any sort of chemicals. It is a popularly used flooring material that is Eco friendly and is extremely durable. It is slightly expensive compared to vinyl flooring and lasts for a longer time compared to vinyl.

Pros of Installing Linoleum Flooring

  • This flooring material is extremely durable and sturdy. It is ideal to be installed in high foot traffic areas as it can sustain scratches, spills and stains. If Linoleum is installed, cleaned and maintained perfectly it will have the same brilliant shine and radiance for years to go.
  • This material has an even color tone throughout the entire layers. In the event of an unwanted damage it is just needed to apply sealant to the damaged area so that it is not very obvious. Small and minor damages sometimes totally go unnoticed because of the uniformity in its layers.
  • Linoleum compared to other flooring material is soft and is perfect to be installed in areas where there is necessity for a quiet and sound proof floor.
  • Linoleum is an Eco friendly flooring material as all the elements used in its manufacturing process are natural like limestone, cork dust, wood flour and oil.
  • It is an excellent flooring option for bathrooms, kitchens and porches as it is water proof and is resistant to spills. Spills can be effortlessly cleaned on this flooring.

Cons of Installing Linoleum Flooring

  • It is not recommended to install linoleum flooring on concrete as it absorbs moisture from the sub floor. Moisture present in the concrete damages not only the sub floor but also the main flooring that is linoleum.
  • Linoleum takes time to be installed as it needs to acclimate to the area to avoid problems during installation. Linoleum has a nature to expand and contract so it is very important to let the flooring acclimatize to its surroundings.
  • Linoleum is a little expensive flooring material compared to vinyl. However it is more durable and lasts for a longer time compared to vinyl.

Bathroom Flooring Options in Phoenix, AZ

bathroom flooring optionsGetting a sparkling bathroom not only depends on the amenities in it but also on the flooring material that is used. Choosing the perfect flooring material can be a crucial decision as it adds to the visual appeal of your bathroom. It is very important to first decide on the theme of your bathroom and the furniture that will be in it to avoid accidents or falls.

Bathroom flooring options include vinyl, tile, cork, glass, linoleum and laminate. Though vinyl and tile is the most commonly used flooring material that is more practical, customers are also inclined to trying cork, stone and glass which are other materials available in the market. We have a quick guide with specifications to help you determine the perfect flooring for your bathroom. Continue reading

Health Care Center Flooring Materials, Patterns, & Color Decisions

flooring for hospital and healthcare

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Health care center is one place where flooring is installed with acute care to ensure a safe and healthy environment for both the staff and patients. Flooring is a key aspect while designing health care centers as they focus on the safety of the patients and staff.

Recent manufacturers are considering adding floor padding for hospital flooring under the layer of the flooring material to give a soft surface. The floor padding reduces noise in the corridors that tends to aggravate patients. The floor padding also helps to reduce stress for the staff and prevents serious injury to the patients in the event of a fall. Continue reading