The Best 5 Home Flooring Ideas and Options

Flooring plays a key role in appearance, feel and of course the functionality of your home. From classic hardwood to busy tile to trendy concrete, today’s floorings can mimic each other qualities with their benefits. Comfort, durability, style and budget are the most essential considerations while you choose flooring to your home.

Are you confused in choosing best flooring in your home? Relax!! Learn here how to pick a surface that fits your budget and requirements of your family. But always make sure to consider the costs, benefits and the lowdowns of each type of flooring before you opt.
Here you can view the most popular types of flooring for each room and select the perfect flooring that suits your home.

Types of Flooring we discuss on-

  1. Hardwood
  2. Laminate
  3. Tile
  4. Vinyl and 
  5. Carpet


Hardwood FlooringProsHardwood floors are very popular in today’s market and add a great resale value to your home. Hardwood is an ageless beauty. These are very easy to clean and maintain and it usually requires simple vacuuming. 

Cons– One of the biggest drawbacks in hardwood is price; it is quite expensive comparatively to other flooring options. Hardwood is also loud to walk on. At times, it requires refinished in high traffic areas. Extreme moisture and humidity can ruin your hardwood flooring.

Best rooms– The best place to install hardwood is living room. It looks gorgeous, stylish and gives a welcoming look to visitors. As we all know, living room is not a high trafficked area, so it can remain protected for longer time. To muffle the noise of hardwood you can make use of rugs.

Cost– It costs from $3 to $12 per square feet but it totally depends on the type of hardwood you choose. Engineered hardwood will cost you little less relatively to other wood materials.


Laminate FloorsPros– Laminate will not get scratched or scuffed easily as hardwood. Also laminate would mimic the real wood or tile with its attractive appearance. It is extremely easy to clean and maintain. It is also good for pets because they won’t be able to scratch or stain it.

Cons– Same like hardwood, excess of moisture can ruin your laminate flooring. Also, laminate cannot be refinished like hardwood does.

Best rooms– Due to its durability it can withstand in high traffic areas such as entryways, hallways or any room with a lot of activity. It is not recommended to install in laundry rooms, kitchens and bathrooms since laminate should not get wet over time.

Cost– Laminate ranges from $ 0.50 to $3 per square feet and there will be separate charges for installation.


Tile FlooringProsGlazed ceramic tiles are incredibly durable and extremely resistant to scratches, water and stains. It comes in variety of materials and sizes such as porcelain, marble, travertine, slate and granite. In addition, tiles can be cleaned and maintained easily.

Cons– Tile can be cold in winter season, and heating systems are expensive to be installed to maintain a room temperature. At times, tile grout gets stained eventually and should be cleaned quite often. Tiles can crack and chip and this could be difficult to repair. But, you can replace the damaged tile with a new one.

Best rooms– Tile is ideal for bathrooms or a kitchens since it is great resistant to water. It also works well in dining area where food and other eatables or liquids tend to be spilled frequently.

Cost– it ranges from $1 to $ 20 per square feet. Installation charges could be little expensive in tile flooring.


Vinyl FlooringPros– Vinyl is extreme comfort to walk on. It is economically priced compared to other flooring options.

ConsVinyl flooring can be easily scratched and it could be a challenge to clean at times.

Best rooms– The best area to install vinyl is laundry room as it can protect a lot of sounds from laundry machines. It also works well in bathrooms and kitchens because of warmth it put in.


Carpet FlooringPros– carpet is the most effective floor covering for insulating sound. Carpet is extreme soft to walk on. It is quite and simple to install and can go even on rough or bumpy surfaces. The best part in installing carpet is it minimizes slips and injuries from falls.

Cons– Though vacuum frequently, carpet may still contain hidden dirt and dust. Carpets can be stained easily. Carpet should be steam cleaned occasionally at least once or twice in a year to keep looking new and fresh. The biggest drawback in carpeting is it is not a good choice for people with allergic reactions.

Best rooms– It suits and works well in low traffic areas like bedrooms to minimize the dirt that gets tracked into it. Installing carpet in bedrooms provides more comfort and better feel.

Cost– Carpet can get at lucrative prices, however varies on the quality of the material. Standard carpeting and padding is between $2 and $5 per square foot.

Overall then, if you are thinking to install popular flooring in your home, you should consider the above points to find the best option. Since flooring add a lot of value to your home and provides a healthy and happy setting to your family.

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