The Horrifying Discovery They Found In Their Floor May Give You Nightmares

Not everyone moves into a haunted house – thankfully. But for some new homeowners, there is more than meets the eye. If you have moved into a new place and want to make some changes, the flooring is a good start – especially if there are hidden messages.

Just in time for Halloween, here are a few examples of things people have found under their existing flooring. Some are pretty cool while others are downright scary.

Home with guests Halloween Celebrations

A New Home With Unwanted Guests

As long as most people can remember, there have been instances where people have claimed to have a haunted house. Maybe the house formerly located at 112 Ocean Avenue is the most famous, but there are others that are not so famous, yet still have episodes or images of the unknown.

The aforementioned Ocean Avenue Amityville home is one most people know about. According to Biography:

The unexpected guests at home on Halloween

The Amityville House officially sold on February 2017 to an undisclosed owner for $605,000, which was $200,000 less than the original asking price. It had been previously owned by four other families since the murders, one of which had the address changed to 108 Ocean Ave. (The house originally stood at 112 Ocean Ave.)

There may not have been specific mentions of issues with the flooring in that house since it had beautiful oak hardwood, but in the case of a recent move-in, eerie messages were found under the carpet when the new owners started their remodeling job.

As posted on Elite Daily:

The photos posted by Jennybo86 show an array of creepy messages and photos left behind from the previous tenants of the house. She labeled the pictures “time capsule found on my subfloor,” and shared various photos of handwritten notes written in colored markers on the aging wood.

Crazy time capsule floorboards

In this house, there were all kinds of creepy writings and even photos from the previous tenants. Some seemed to be done by children, but all of them were seemingly serious in nature. Was it a joke? Sure, it could have been but without knowing who did the writing or what the context is, we may never know.

One thing the owner did do is replace the flooring with a new look and sure, it was pretty neat what was found underneath but who wants to live with that on a long-term basis when you can have a fresh look instead?

Carpet flooring in the cellars

So, what do you do if you move into a home and find something under the flooring? Well, if you’re like some people, you find a secret room. Many people have pulled up the carpet only to find a cellar door and while one simply found pickling jars, others have found black mold or in the case of some college students, a person living underneath them. We are fairly certain that those people would have rather found bundles of money or bricks of gold, but sometimes you get what you get – both good and bad.

In an article from New Home Source:

An older couple found hardwood floors after deciding to rip up the old carpet in the home they recently purchased. The previous owners ruined the otherwise beautiful flooring because they decided to paint a giant Monopoly board on it, forcing the couple to replace their flooring soon after moving in.

Bees ripping up old carpet

That’s not even all. A couple in England moved into a home and the living room had an area in it that dipped down. After further investigation, it turned out to be a dried up well that was over 500 years old. Imagine finding a hole in your home that dates back to the Medieval era! And honestly, what do you even do with a hole in your house that leads down to who knows what?

A New Look

Whether you are wanting a new look to the home you have bought or even the home you’ve always lived in, new flooring is the perfect choice to liven up the aesthetic. Whether it’s new carpet, laminate flooring, vinyl, stone, tile, or hardwood flooring – the choices are limitless and making your home feel fresh and new is priceless.

Changing flooring

Most people will simply find these stories funny or fascinating – not so serious. But many others will want to immediately change out the floors, and rightfully so. Whether or not you believe in ghosts or hauntings, why have someone old flooring from the previous owners and especially those that have secrets underneath them?

Have Someone Else Do the Work

Best of all, you don’t have to tear up your old flooring and install new flooring by yourself. You can find new flooring sales with next day, and sometimes free installation so you have as little down-time as possible. In fact, it may take you more time to find the type of flooring you love best as opposed to how long it takes to have it put down.

Schedule a free in-home estimate with Express Flooring to learn more about some of the options available and if you have found anything interesting underneath your existing floors, all the better reason to start new.

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