The Pros and Cons of Various Types of Flooring- Part I

Many homeowners often scratch their head when they are presented with a choice between various types of Flooring. Which one I need? What’s the difference? Is one better than the other? These are common questions that immediately spring to one’s mind, so to be out of confusion let this post answer for you. Because, when you are looking to renovate a home or office, firstly, you should know the pros and cons of various flooring types. Here you can see the pros and cons for-

  • Carpet
  • Floating wood tile
  • Ceramic or Porcelain tile
  • Hardwood
  • Engineered wood

Here you can see five various flooring types and how they rate when it comes to-

  • Cost
  • Durability
  • Difficulty of installation and 
  • How easy to clean.

carpetingCarpet– Synthetic options are usually made of nylon, polyester or polypropylene while natural carpet can be made of wool. Carpets are available in many patterns, colours and styles.

  • Pros– Carpet acts as insulator in colder climates, creating a comfortable atmosphere. It also acts as a sound insulator and can even enhance indoor air quality by trapping debris and pet dander.
  • Cons– Can stain easily comparatively to other flooring options; can become difficult and pricey to clean. Cheap carpet tends to wear out in high traffic areas.

Floating Wood FloorFloating wood tileFloating wood tile is somewhat new comer to household flooring. It is composed of a synthetic material that stimulates a wood or sometimes stone appearance, which is then laminated.

  • Pros– Extremely simple and quick installation, some tiles have Tongue and Groove system, which locks into place and cut down the need of adhesive. Stain resistant, easy to clean and hygienic, can be replaced easily if damaged.
  • Cons– Hard underfoot, not real wood also it cannot be sanded or refinished. Can be very slippery when wet and shows scuff marks if stained.

ceramic-tile-flooringCeramic or Porcelain Tile– Tiles have been used for decades to provide a durable coated surface that is easy to clean and hygienic, for both indoor and outdoor settings.

  • Pros– Durable, strong, countless of colours and designs, extremely stain resistant, easy to replace individual tiles if broken or chipped. Can be easily cleaned and minor imperfections are hard to identify on the surface. 
  • Cons– Tiles are extremely hard and rigid underfoot, not suitable for comfortable living area. Grout can attract stains easily and can be little tricky to clean.

Hardwood FlooringHardwood– Any type in hardwood is milled from a single piece of timber. Oak, walnut maple and hickory are common types of wood used for hardwood flooring.

  • Pros– Hardwood floors are extremely durable, easy to clean, sturdy, wear resistant and can be sanded and refinished repeatedly over their existence. Hardwood floors give a very practical look yet luxurious feel.
  • Cons– Incredibly expensive in flooring spectrum, and can be labour intensive to install. Hardwood floors may shrink or expand at times depending on season and temperature. Also, do not retain heat and will not damper sound.

Engineered Wood FlooringEngineered wood– Engineered wood differs from hardwood in that it is a veneer of hardwood on top of several wood layers underneath and sometimes called as Composite Wood. It is processed to have a specific look and feel, and typically comes in pre- laminated.

  • Pros– Extremely ideal for basements (below grade installation) as it is highly resistant to moisture effects than hardwood. Quick and fast installation and can be installed over any sub-flooring type (Concrete, padding) with no difficulty.
  • Cons– Quality and strength can vary greatly according to brand, and there are limited refinishing options available in market as engineered wood can be sanded and refinished one time usually. Corners of some sheets lacks in finishing and can fray or allow water in. It doesn’t last as long as real hardwood.

Still there are few more flooring types to know the pros and cons- so that you can select the best flooring that’ suits your interior décor. Look into our next article of Part- II continuation “The pros and cons of various types of flooring” for some more beautiful flooring options.

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