The Top 5 Wood Floors For 2019 That Will Enhance Your Kitchen

Wood flooring has maintained its pride in flooring options for most homeowners. And for a very precise reason; its durability and ageless design. As the year’s pass, you can easily find at least 12 different types/styles of flooring options for your kitchen. From hardwoods such as oak and maple to softer woods as pine, it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal when it comes to your kitchen flooring.

Hardwood flooring installation

So, whatever the reason for revamping your current kitchen flooring, you will have no trouble finding the right one to meet your needs, style, and comfort. Let’s take a look at these 5 wood floors that will enhance your kitchen design.

The Breakdown

Before you call the contractor for a free in-home estimate, consider some of the elements within your kitchen. Do you have pets? How many animals do you have? Do you own a home or a condo? Is there heavy foot-traffic? Perhaps you enjoy cooking and spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. You also have to consider the depth and species of these types of wood and how they will withstand impact in your kitchen. Whatever your lifestyle, it’s important to choose a wood flooring that will meet those needs.


Naturally, we spend a lot of time in our kitchens. We cook, we share meals and memories. Our children – and sometimes, us too – will occasionally spills drinks and food or even the harder utensils that can leave the scuff or mark. You must consider the wear and tear of the traffic flow on your new wood floors. Oak, cherry, and maple are excellent choices that withstand heavy traffic and wear and tear.

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Your kitchen design is an important element to consider when choosing the right wood floor for your kitchen. If you’re going for a rustic, traditional look and feel to your kitchen, distressed pine may be the best choice. Again, oak, cherry, and maple are sturdy and durable yet offer a grainy appearance that helps hide dirt and dents. Your cabinetry and other kitchen elements also play a huge role in the type of hardwood you choose. Do you have light-colored wood cabinets? A darker color for your flooring will complement the look and feel of your kitchen decor.


Lastly, your choice will determine your financial expense. This depends on the thickness, finish, and species of which you’ve chosen. You have the cost of the wood coupled with the installation process as well. It’s imperative to find a company that can offer their best advice when it comes to choosing hardwood flooring but will also accommodate all budgets.

Oak & Red Oak

This specie is a popular choice because its versatility when blended with other natural kitchen elements. Traditional oak and red oak are two types that most homeowners gravitate towards. The only difference is the color. Red oak is a lighter color, giving off a reddish tone while white oak is paler, almost brown.


Most homeowners with children and pets can attest to the strength and durability of maple wood flooring. You can count on its ability to withstand scuffs and scrapes and dents and is considered to be one of the stronger types of hardwood. Its lightly-colored grainy patterns easily cover dirt while blending in with the rest of your kitchen decor.

Maple wood flooring


An average and well-known choice in most homes, pine is typically what you expect when you think of hardwood floors. It’s an affordable yet softer wood that ages gracefully and beautifully over time.

Pinewood floors to look great


This durable and smooth flooring option offers a grainy look and comes in many color varieties. It’s cost-effective and usually made overseas so it’s best to find a company that will guarantee solid and great quality bamboo. It’s not even wood. It’s a grass. We mention this in our list, yet we strongly advise against it in the Desert climate of Arizona and few companies will even carry it or install it for the problematic nature of this floor material.


Walnut flooring gives off a rustic feel and comes in dark, rich colors such as chocolate and deep plum, almost purple. Its deeper color tones offer a dramatic look to your kitchens and compliment any rustic design.


Birch wood flooring is also a popular option because of its abundance and cost-effective installation. It’s an easy wood to stain and customize in any kitchen. Since it’s considered a softer wood, it does scratch and dent slightly easier than most others. The great aspect about birch is that it’s completely affordable should replacement be necessary.


Hickory is also considered to be one of the strongest hardwoods. The colors are pretty traditional, tan or a reddish brown, and easily compliments the look of a modern kitchen design. It’s also the perfect choice for children and heavy trafficked kitchens.


Popular among homeowners, this pricey yet exceptional type of hardwood remains a solid choice for kitchens all across the globe. American cherry wood is considered a soft hardwood but still maintains its popularity because of its stability. Because cherry wood is sensitive to light and fades rather quickly, pay close attention to sun exposure in your kitchen.

Cherry Wood Flooring

Are you ready to give your kitchen floors a makeover? Call our expert team members for assistance how to choose the best hardwood floors for your kitchen.

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