The Worst DIY Flooring Design Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

From painting vinyl flooring tiles to a DIY self-adhesive flooring project where all the tiles shifted and peeled a few days later, here are a few flooring mistakes you’ll want to avoid and tips on getting the flooring of your dreams – even on a budget. Whether its hardwood floors, slate or natural marble flooring or affordable and easy to clean linoleum, here are the tips to fix any disaster DIY project.

Your self-adhesive floor tiles peeled and shifted a few days after installation

A problem with cheap self-adhesive flooring is that while it initially resembles tile flooring, it can shift because of the glue and if the floor hasn’t been prepared properly. Another problem is that the marble finish is paper thin and can peel making it flimsy.

Beautiful looking tile flooring

A better alternative and you’ll only have to pay a little more, but the effects will last longer is with vinyl flooring. When you use vinyl plank flooring, this can help you achieve a natural wood finish and it looks just like wood. You can also use luxury vinyl flooring for a natural stone look that everyone will think is stone underfoot, but it’s a newer vinyl that’s more durable.

Plank Vinyl Flooring

With vinyl flooring, there are several features to look forward to.

These include:

  • Flooring that’s easy to clean with a damp mop.
  • Flooring that’s durable and able to withstand high-traffic.
  • It won’t shift when you step on it which is common with self-adhesive flooring tiles.

Tip: When you contact a flooring store about new floors and their flooring sale and installation price, ask for a senior discount which is $100 off, and ask about sealant for your limestone flooring to protect it.

You painted your vinyl floor to give it a fresh look and now it’s starting to peel

Maybe you were trying to recreate a rustic look with hardwood flooring that you saw on HGTV. Painting vinyl floor doesn’t always work because the floors can peel and cleaning solvents can break down the paint unless you know how to do it.

Hardwood flooring

Painting Vinyl Floors

If you’re going to paint your vinyl floors, you will need to use a latex primer the same way you would on your walls. View Along the Way shows the steps to help you prep the floor first and paint it properly, while Cherished Bliss demonstrates how to paint vinyl floors to look like cement.

For a less intensive alternative that will give you a better effect, have vinyl flooring installed that resembles distressed wood, stone or marble. The advantage is you can have that same look you were hoping to achieve and if cost is a factor, vinyl flooring, and linoleum flooring:

  • Come in styles that are budget-friendly.
  • Are easy to install as they only take a few hours.
  • Will help you achieve the same look.

Tip: When you request a price for flooring and installation, talk to the flooring specialist about your budget concerns and ask about the $500 off new flooring special (and don’t forget to ask for free-installation).

You installed your own carpeting and now you can’t get mildew smell out of your rooms

A problem that can occur with some carpeting is it doesn’t handle moisture well. If your carpet is near an area that is damp like a basement, or if you live in an area that has high humidity, a better alternative might be to pull the carpeting up and use area rugs.

Carpeting Mold and Mildew Problems

If you’ve ever read a review online about a hotel room smelling like mildew, it was likely the rug. Rugs can retain moisture, mildew, and mold. It’s one reason that carpeting isn’t recommended in warmer climates.

Carpet molding problem

To help with your DIY debacle, one recommendation is to leave the area uncarpeted, suggests The Spruce. Basements are notorious for being damp and toxic molds referred to as mycotoxins can be harmful to humans.

Another recommendation is to consider the humidity:

  • If it’s over 80 percent and the temperatures are above 80-degrees, that’s defined as high and mold and mildew can start to incubate in the carpeting.
  • If you want to keep carpeting, you’ll have to reduce the humidity to 60-65 percent and keep the air conditioner on so the temperature doesn’t climb above 80-degrees.
  • Lastly, consider nylon carpeting which is man-made. It’s likely the carpeting that was installed was wool which is prone to growing mold in moist conditions.

You want to keep your basement and any areas with carpeting dry to ensure you don’t attract mold which can cost thousands of dollars to remove if it gets into your floors or walls.

Tip: If you do a search online for “carpet stores near me” or “flooring stores near me that sell carpeting” a flooring specialist can confirm if the old carpet is too moist. They can also recommend the latest flooring sale and installation offer for nylon carpeting or other flooring options.

Pet-friendly carpet flooring

Ask for a free in-home estimate. With several deals, like $100 off for seniors and special end-of-season promotions, you might find a large area rug that solves your problem and adds to your décor (without the yucky smell).

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