Things to Consider Before Laminate Installation

In recent times, laminate has been ever-increasing as homeowner’s first choice for flooring. Laminate is traditionally designed to imitate hardwood, but in general, laminate has an attractive look. The best part about laminates is the ease of working with it. The variety in laminate is so vast that you can find something for every room in your home. You won’t find your laminate floor scratch very easily. If there is a possibility of scratches appearing on the surface it can be repaired on your own without expert’s help.

With a few easy tricks your floor will look as good as new. Installation is pretty simple with its click and lock technology, another feature that makes installation simple is laminate doesn’t need to be glued or nailed down. Though the installation is simple with laminate, a few things one should bear in mind before you go with laminate installation.

Laminate floors are worth in-

  • Advanced Photographic look
  • Durable multi layer construction
  • Board Thickness
  • Easy Interlocking Installation

Whether you hire an expert to install or you want to do it on your own, you should look into few things before you go with laminate installation-

Installing laminate flooring (Any floor type) is a big task to handle, so it is always a good idea to know and understand few common issues that may occur.things-to-consider-before-laminate-installation-infographic

Always a smart plan and preparation make this DIY friendly material even easier to install.

Preparing for Installation-

Installation of new floors is a big job and is very essential to your home. You should have enough knowledge and proper tools for a successful installation.

  • If you hire an expert, always be sure they are licensed and experienced.

Check the sub- floor-

Subfloors are usually concrete or cement and develop weaknesses over time. If you install laminate flooring on a weak or an uneven sub floor, the new floor (laminate) will start buckling eventually and damages the laminate locking system, creaks or creates micro gaps on the floor.

  • Always you should analyse the complete sub- floor condition before you go with the flooring installation.

Choose a Quality Material-

  • Cheap laminate flooring has higher chances of damage and sometimes laminate leads to discoloration on extensive exposure to sunlight and it may also warp and start buckling overtime. Ask for an opinion on the best brands or check the reviews on products you are considering.

Install Proper Underlayment-

  • Underlayment is a thin hard layer of cement board, wood or foam. Proper underlayment will help prevent the laminate from absorbing moisture which reduces buckling and warping over time. Installation of proper underlayment can maintain the temperature, insulates noise and creates a smoother surface in your home.

Monitor the temperature of the laminate-

  •  Temperature should be maintained while installing laminate in your home. Flooring that has been left outside, or in a cold atmosphere, it should be fully contracted. Neutral temperature should be maintainedor else this can cause humps and cracks on the floor and ruins the overall task.

Other things you should look into-

  • Always follow the manufacture installation directions carefully
  • Inspect each piece of laminate
  • Allow room for expansion
  • Watch for gaps between pieces.

Installations are simple to proceed but you should go with proper information before you start. These tips would help you, but applying these tips without proper research may result in unexpected damage to the laminate and your floor. 

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