Tips for a Brilliant Shining Floor

Floor is an interior decoration for your home where you spend quality time like walking, dancing, and sometimes party with friends and family. Extreme care, time and effort are taken while choosing the color, texture and appearance of your flooring. To maintain the longevity and brilliant radiance of your precious home or office flooring, no extra chemicals are needed. A few simple tips that you can easily do as a daily chore can be followed to retain the look and texture of the flooring when you purchased it first.

  • Choose the cleaner that will suit your flooring. There are many multipurpose floor cleaners available in today’s market however they are not suitable for all types of flooring.  So it is always best to pick the cleaner that will suit your flooring be it tile, carpet, rug, or wood. It is always safe to call for professional floor cleaners that use accredited Eco friendly products to prevent damages on the surface of your flooring.
  • Cellulose mop is produced from plant based fibers and is biodegradable. Select a mop that is free from any sort of plastic or other materials that contain triclosan, as it is an element to avoid. Always disinfect your mop by placing them in a container with a solution of water and vinegar or non-chlorine bleach that is available either as a powder or liquid.
  • Avoid the use of disposable floor wipes as they only add to our environmental woes. Instead, you can opt for a microfiber cloth or unused cloth that can be reused a couple of times.
  • We use door mats at all entry and exit points of our homes to prevent dust particles and grime from entering it. It is ideal to use environment friendly mats that are made naturally from coir or rubber that is recycled. 
  • Just recollect the places your shoes have been public washrooms, local gardens, malls, city streets and other areas. These places may look clean but bacteria are very small and are not visible to the normal eye. It becomes very easy for bacteria to enter your home. It is ideal to avoid bringing in your shoes into your to prevent these bacteria and also eases your cleaning process.
  • It is essential to get your home equipped with cleaning equipment like brooms and mops. Microfiber brooms and mops are ideal to clean any flooring material as it has soft bristles and can be washed easily in the washing machine. It is an incredible equipment to remove hidden bacteria and make your home a healthy place.
  • Invest in an Eco friendly vacuum to keep your home neat and healthy. Eco friendly vacuums are made from recycled plastic and come with a bag-less option. They are also light in weight and can be moved around easily.

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