Tips For Cleaning Your New Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring Arizona represents style, elegance and is the most attractive feature of your house. Hardwood flooring Arizona is smooth and shiny flooring and will last for generations if properly maintained. Even, cleaning wood floors will add warmth and beauty to your house and contribute to its total value. But, the qualities of hardwood flooring Arizona will only be true if they are kept in good condition. 

cleaning_hardwood_floorsCleaning wood floors is vital for protecting and maintaining your beautiful investment. To keep your hardwood flooring Arizona happy and tidy, you can consult cleaning services AZ and also go through the following tips: 

  • Giving your floors a good dusting with a microfiber cloth or mop everyday will be the best defense against marks and surface damage. A gentle touch is one of the best ways to clean wood floors.
  • Vacuum your floor every week or twice a week. The dust, dirt and small particles get accumulated in a week’s time, so vacuum with the floor brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner. Don’t use a beater bar attachment as it can create scratches on your new flooring.
  • Remember water and wood don’t mix with each other. Water will not only ruin the finish of your flooring but also penetrate deep into the wood and stain it. Close windows at the time ofrain, use trays under plants and wipe of all the water immediately when you see.
  • Avoid using water or vinegar, soap-based cleaners, wax or steam cleaners for cleaning wooden floors. Steam cleaners generate heat and water can cause long-term damage on your flooring.
  • Using various floor cleaning products is not recommended without proper guidance. Read all the instructions and try it on a small area before applying it to all the space. Using professional cleaning services AZ is preferred as they are used to all pros and cons of these cleaning products.
  • Regularly cleaning wood floors will keep your flooring new but using doormats on entrance or other high traffic areas will increase your floor’s life. This will minimize the dirt and debris that can get onto your floors.
  • Depending upon the traffic, using professional cleaning services AZ is recommended. Polishing your floor every few months is a great way to clean wood floors as polishing renews and refreshes the finish of your new floors. You should also refinish your flooring in every 3-5 years so as to maintain its beauty for lifetime.
  • Keep your flooring away from direct sunlight, as it will cause your flooring to expand or contract. Use curtains on windows and sheds in open areas especially during heavy summers.
  • Protect your hardwood flooring by using nice looking area rugs on high traffic areas as walking across several times wears down your new flooring finish. 

Finding the best way for cleaning wood floors is time consuming and requires little patience but with the right tools and techniques and using cleaning services AZ, you will be able to keep your new floors in the best condition for lifetime.

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