Tips for Hardwood Floors for the Cold Weather

The one thing that everyone loves about their home is the beauty and comfort it provides. Every element of the house makes the owner happy and hence he/she would want to make sure that the home’s beauty remains intact. Maintaining your flooring is one such way of making sure your home is new as ever.

If you have installed hardwood flooring in your house then you are also aware that it is living flooring. Every year, with the change in weather, this flooring also changes. It expands and contracts with the changes in moisture level and changes color with exposure to sunlight.

Arizona -Wood-FlooringKeeping all this in mind, here are a few hardwood care tips to ascertain that your flooring is maintained this winter season.

  • Everyone loves to play in the snow and make snowman or snow butterflies. But one needs to careful when they enter the house. Your snow boots capture a lot of moisture and snow from the outdoors that are harmful for your hardwood floors. So if your living room has hardwood flooring installed, make sure that you first clean your boots on an outdoor mat and then on the indoor mat to ensure all the moisture is soaked away. Sometimes, boots may have snow salt stuck in them which can scratch the surface. Hence, cleaning your boots is a necessary precaution you must take. 
  • If you are a winter person you may probably want to enjoy the weather and regularly find a reason to go out of the house. If you front door opens too many times a day, there are chances snow may enter the area. Keep a mop right besides your door so that you can clean the snow as soon as possible because if ignored, the snow may melt and get soaked within the hardwood flooring
  • The hardwood floors have a tendency to contract and create gaps between the planks in case of low humidity within the house. It is recommended by a lot of hardwood floor suppliers and manufacturers in Arizona to install a device called hygrometer which helps in maintaining the preferred humidity level. 
  • If you have a fireplace in your house then what time to use it than in winters. It not only provides warmth to the house but also makes it cozy. But many people do not know that burning the wood stove provides warmth without any humidity in the house thus making the air very dry. In order to maintain some humidity in the atmosphere, keep a water kettle on the burning wood stove. 
  • If your hardwood flooring is old enough, it may require another layer of protection to keep your house warm. Make sure to clean the surface and then sand it with a buffering machine and then finally paint over the entire surface.

These tips will help you protect your hardwood floor and keep you warm at the same time. Happy Winters!

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