Tips to Care for Carpet Tiles

Have you been looking at the option of carpet tiles for your office or home? Of course it’s a good idea to opt for, where you can clean with simple care and maintenance.

Carpet tiles have become an admired option for many homeowners due to its cost- effective price and the versatility in material. These tiles are available in myriad of colours and patterns, making it easy to customize the look of your floor. Carpet tiles come in incredible designs and outstanding patterns. Carpet tiles present an affordable, easy- to- install and handy alternative to traditional carpets.

The key benefits of carpet tile includeCarpet Tile Flooring

  • Durability
  • Sustainability
  • Relatively economical compared to other types of floor coverings.
  • Ease of removal and replacement of tile- If the tile becomes excessively damaged or worn, it can simply be removed and replaced.

Though carpet tiles offer benefits, it should require some special care to maintain and for years to come-Maintaining Carpet Tile flooring is quite varied from traditional carpeting- here are some useful tips on how to care for carpet tile flooring-

  • Vacuuming is most important to care your carpet tile and make sure to clean your carpet tile floors on a regular basis, as vacuuming removes dirt and also helps to reduce the flattening of tiles. Carpet tiles may require repeated vacuuming than traditional carpeting, as the dirt will be tracked into the soft surfaces of your carpet tiles. It is better to vacuum your carpet tiles at least twice or thrice a week, wherein for high traffic areas vacuum every other day for them to look clean and new.

Spot Treatment- Here is some common spot cleaning tips for carpet tiling

  • While using any cleaning solutions (mild or harsh) make sure to perform a patch test. First, test the solution on a hidden area and also apply them to the sponge or cloth but not directly on carpet tile.Carpet Tiles
  • Blot stains all around instead of rubbing them.
  • Always treat spots working from the outside and in toward the centre.
  • Some carpet tiles require special attention to care for, while using cleaning agents to treat spots. So before you apply make sure to follow the guidelines on it.
  • Make sure to rinse the spots after being treated, especially with a water- based solvent.
  • After cleaning, ensure to get spots dry. 
  • If the stain is hard to clean, then you can remove and replace a new tile.

Carpet tiles should be deep cleaned for every 8- 12 months by an expert to ensure a smooth cleaning process with no hassles. The best cleaning ways for carpet tiles are steam cleaning or wet extraction for polyester and nylon, and dry cleaning process for wool fiber tiles.

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