Tips to Repairing Scratches in Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has been a favorite for homeowners for several years now. It imitates the look of hardwood really well, and as an attractive look in general. It is pretty economical and has been improved over the years to be more tolerant to moisture. The best part about laminates is the ease of working with it. It is pretty easy to install with its lock and click technology. The variety is so vast that you can find something for every room in your home. It has come about as a good looking and affordable alternative to marble and hardwood floors.

Laminates are designed to be durable and resistant to scratches. You won’t find your laminate floor scratching very easily. You also won’t need to worry much about the color fading away when it is exposed to sunlight. Sometimes, there is a possibility of scratches appearing on the surface. These scratches can be repaired without hiring expensive professional help. With a few easy tricks, your floor will look as good as new.

Few Easy Tricks to Repair Laminate Floors:

The first option to repair laminate for minor scratches is to do it with a lamination repair kit. These repair kits can be easily found at hardware stores. They come in a wide range of shades. You can find the right shade of the kit according to the shade of your floor. Just to be sure, you could also take a piece of your laminate to the hardware store so that you can get a perfect match for your floor.

Tips to Repairing Scratches in Laminate FlooringAnother method would be to buy a specific colored filling pencil for the floors. These pencils are usually used for wood floors and can even be used for laminate floors. Just like the repair kits, even these pencils come in a variety of shades. Even if you don’t find your specific match, it will be good enough if you find a pencil with a similar hue. In order to use it, clean the floor well and let it dry. Draw with the pencil on the scratches and let it settle.

If your flooring is beyond redemption, then you will have to replace your laminate tiles completely. Either you use the left over floor tiles from your last installation, or you buy a new set. Laminate floors are very easy to install and can be a fun DIY project for the weekend.

The best option is to avoid these scratches. With a few laminate floor care tips, your floor should be safe from any scratches. Prevention is always better than cure. Sometimes the dirt and dust stuck to shoes can be the main reason for scratches on the floors. If you keep a mat at the entrance of your home, it will get rid of all the loose dirt that could be a potential harm for your floor. Furniture can also be a source of potential hazard. Always use some sort of padding on the floors while moving furniture. Thus, if only you look after your floors well, you can save a lot of time and money!

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