Top 4 Disastrous Floor Install Mistakes That Destroy A Home’s Value

When it comes to installing new floors, some people make the smart decision by hiring professionals to do the work. Then there are other people who think that they can install their floors even though they don’t have any experience.

Sometimes, miracle of all miracles, inexperienced people install their floors perfectly. More often than not, though, they make at least one of these absurd installation mistakes.

Cutting Boards Or Tile the Wrong Length Or Width

When you install flooring, you need to know the exact dimensions of the room. You also need to cut the flooring to match those dimensions.

Common Floor Installation Mistakes

You’ve probably heard the expression “measure twice and cut once.” Apparently, some people have not heard that aphorism. As a result, they end up with short planks that don’t cover their floors. The flooring looks beautiful until you reach the edge. Suddenly, the subfloor takes over, and it’s not a pretty sight. Don’t worry. You can just add more grout to that spot right? NO! Do it right.

Installing the Wrong Flooring for a Room

Certain types of flooring work well in specific areas of your house. Hardwood makes a great option for your living room and bedroom, but you shouldn’t put it in your bathroom or basement. Any area that gets moisture can warp hardwood. If one of your pipes leaks, then you could ruin your hardwood flooring.

Similarly, carpeting is a terrible idea for bathrooms as it will hold on to the moisture and mold and bacteria can grow in the fibers and in the pad, where you can’t see it.

Wrong Flooring Options for the Wrong Rooms

Imagine stepping out of your shower all clean just to step on a moldy, mildew filled bacteria bed of grossness. No Thank You.

Likewise, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to put vinyl sheet flooring in rooms where you entertain guests. Today’s vinyl sheets look better than the ones from the 1980s, but they still don’t pull off the aesthetic of real tile or wood.

Ripping Out the Old Flooring

If you like tearing things up, then maybe ripping out old flooring sounds like fun to you. It’s also a lot of unnecessary work. In many cases, you can install new flooring on top of your old floors.

Ripping out your old flooring can also damage your subfloors if you don’t do it right. Frustrated people have been known to attack their old floors with the nearest weapons. If you get the urge to beat your floor with a hammer, stab it with a knife, or attack it with a saw, then you need to stop, take a deep breath, and call a professional to do the job for you.

Rip the Old Flooring

Seriously, you’re going to mess something up in a serious way. You might even cut off a finger – if not worse.

So unless it’s a 1970’s lime green shag or your flooring is uneven and has architectural issues, then in many cases, you may be able to put new flooring over the old. Naturally, consult with a professional first.

Failing to Make an Installation Plan

Professional flooring installers always have a plan for how they will approach their projects. Some homeowners, however, don’t see the point in making installation plans. Perhaps they think that installing a new floor is so easy that they don’t need to think ahead.

Failing installation Plans

Those people are incredibly mistaken.

Without a thoughtful plan, you have a good chance of:

  • Running out of the materials you need to finish the job.
  • Connecting planks and boards incorrectly.
  • Cutting your boards or planks to the wrong sizes.
  • Forgetting to install an underlayment.

If nothing else, developing an installation plan will help you decide whether you know how to install a floor. If you can’t make a plan, then you don’t have any business installing a floor. Either you’re overly confident or you don’t know enough to know that you have a lot to learn.

DIY makes a lot of sense for handy people. A lot of people, though, don’t even know how to change the oil in their cars or fix a blown fuse. Whatever you do, don’t start a flooring installation project until you know what you’re doing. More often than not, it’s better to call in the pros.

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