Top 5 Creative Tile Floor Designs

In today’s world, being unique with your living space is a way to showcase your own aesthetic. There is no reason in the world you have to live in a home that looks like every other home you’ve visited and creating a look and design that is different, is a definite conversation piece.

Here are the top five creative tile floor designs.

Dynamic Visuals

Contrasting colors of vinyl tile creates dynamic visuals that are bold and creative. For instance, combine grey tiles with bright yellow in a block or herringbone typestyle. In fact, choose a few colors of grey for an even more unique look. Yellow is just an example; you can choose whatever color you love.

Dynamic looking tile

Monochromatic Tiles

In a room with a more minimalist look, using patterns of tile in monochromatic colors (think black, white, and grey) and make the room look less sterile while maintaining a minimalism approach.

Monochromatic tiles

Randomized Tiles

“Using a random pattern in various colors creates a cool, visually stunning space,” according to Design Milk. This is a look that is traditionally for commercial spaces, but there are no set rules on how you want your living space to look and this is one design that allows you to choose the colors and random patterns you want.

Randomized tiles

Gorgeous Mosaics

For bathroom spaces that need a pop of color, mosaics in neutral colors and blue (or wharever color you desire) tiles make the area keep its clean and sterile look without making it a boring all-white affair that is best found in a hospital or clinic.

Gorgeous mosaics flooring in bathrooms

A Unique Herringbone Pattern

A herringbone pattern is an eye-catching idea by itself but by choosing larger sized white tiles with colored tiles that are randomly placed, the look is stunning. The randomly placed vinyl tiles break up the pattern and can be in any color you choose that matches your existing decor.

Herringbone pattern of the vinyl tiles

Let Us Bring Your Ideas to Life

We can help you bring your idea to life by providing an in-home consult with an expert who can advise you on the best option for your needs. A designer knows exactly what would work best in each type of space and can help you choose the perfect design for your home.

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